How To Use Acupressure Mat?


Acupressure mats (sometimes referred to as acupuncture mats) are a widely accessible option medication tool which provides a user the advantages of acupressure within their very own house. The majority of these mats are made from cotton or other comparable substances, together with plastic acupuncture factors that stimulate specific regions of the human body to deliver pain relief or assist with different problems. When these mats look pretty straightforward, folks new to the clinic might wonder how to use an acupressure mat.

A lot of individuals can worry about puncturing their epidermis and cautious of things such as acupuncture. Having an acupressure mat, then the epidermis is only stimulated. Since the weight of the entire body is spread out within the mat, so you get the benefits of acupuncture with no mat really piercing skin. Acupressure mats may be used on almost any part of the body as well as used in your feet and hands for reflexology.

In this guide, we will cover the fundamentals of utilizing best acupressure mat and how to use these to get certain difficulties.

How Do Acupressure Mats Work?

Acupressure mats use the very same flaws at acupuncture, acupressure, and reflexology. There are two a school of thought on which makes the mat function.

The very first idea is that having a mat using numerous “hooks" on these (most mats have over 6000 points), raises the opportunity of a novice sparking the 100+ acupressure points in their back (called meridians). This can give a number of the very same advantages as an expert acupuncture or acupressure sessions. The most important distinction is that the acupressure mats aren't able to target certain problems or points.

The next idea is that the advantages come from the rise of blood circulation the mat arouses. The very first time you use the mat it might feel somewhat uncomfortable to get those tens of thousands of things digging into your skin. That stress increases blood circulation to the regions it arouses. That greater flow is considered to be curative along with relaxing.

Acupressure Mat Benefits

The biggest advantage of acupressure mats is that anybody can use them. Unlike conventional acupressure therapy, there's absolutely not any training or technical knowledge required to get beneficial outcomes. Since most acupressure mats are affordably priced, they are a less costly alternative which permits people to get daily therapy without paying a specialist for regular appointments. These mats may be used by themselves or as a nutritional supplement to acupuncture or acupuncture appointments.

Individuals using acupressure mats discover they have a great deal of amazing health benefits. As a consequence of releasing this strain, it may help lessen sore muscles and relieve muscle strain. A lot of men and women find relief in neck and back pain from utilizing acupressure mats, but they're also able to assist with soreness in additional body components.

How to Use an Acupressure Mat

If you use the mat for a spread period of time, your entire body will release as a result of the stimulation. Should you apply the mat for a protracted time period, your whole body will unwind as a consequence of the stimulation. This comfort is very good for relieving stress or nervousness and assisting your body release the day's pressure to get a fantastic night of sleep. If you locate your acupressure mat to be relaxing, then you might choose to meditate as you are using it.

The pressure of this pinpoints also help release endorphins and oxytocin, making you feel great, so employing the mat may also help increase your mood. Like yoga or meditation, you will notice the many benefits by frequently using your acupressure mat.

Even though you're able to target certain issues and body components, you'll come across these general advantages regardless of how you utilize your acupressure mat.

General Benefits of Using an Acupressure Mat:

While you can target particular issues and body parts, you will find these comprehensive benefits so matter how you use your acupressure mat.

  • Relieves stress & anxiety

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Improves oxygen level

  • Reduces muscle tension

  • Stimulates endorphin composition to elevate mood and help with trouble

  • Encourages restful sleep and reduces insomnia

  • Energized the body


Acupressure mats have not been analyzed widely, although users rave about the decrease in pain and other symptoms that they encounter while utilizing them. In case you have body or back pain, anxiety, or headaches, acupressure mats and cushions might be worth an attempt. They do, but take some getting used to.


It is also possible to think about trying acupressure acupuncture or massage. Occasionally working directly with an expert may be more relaxing and effective to boot up.