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How To Use Curb Appeal To Bring in New Business

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to a business, people form opinions quickly. That's why it's important to make a good first impression. After all, don't you prefer frequenting businesses that look inviting, too? Part of getting new customers through the door is to spark their interest from the outside and draw them in. With a few changes to your building, you can lure even the toughest customers inside. Here are a few suggestions of how to improve your curb appeal and bring in new business.


Add Landscaping

If you're going to make just one change to improve the look of your building, it should be landscaping. Landscaping can completely transform a business, making it look modern and tasteful. When a customer pulls up, let them notice your lush, green lawn. One way to accomplish this is with lawn aeration. Your grass will look thicker and it'll be healthier. Be sure to add a splash of color with flowering bushes or hanging plants. Manicured grounds give the impression that you care about the way your business looks and that strikes a chord with customers.


Create Unique Window Displays

Businesses with window space have a huge advantage in creating unique curb appeal. Your front windows are like free advertising space that you should take advantage of as often as possible. Decorate your windows for the coming holidays and use them to arrange a sampling of your products. Display merchandise in a manner that's pleasing to the eye. Create a focal point and show goods at eye level. Be sure the customer can see inside so they're tempted to come in. Also, use window space to promote in-store sales and contests.


Keep It Clean

One way to add instant appeal to your building is by simply keeping it clean and tidy. Every morning, wipe down your glass door to remove fingerprints. A dirty door is extremely noticeable to customers and it's an instant turn-off. Always polish door fixtures and keep entryways swept. If you live in an area that gets snow, see that walks are shoveled and salted. Even if you have a cleaning service, stay on top of the little jobs during the day.


Repair Your Parking Lot

When you're looking for ways to increase curb appeal, don't neglect the importance of a safe and smooth parking area. Take a stroll around the lot and look for holes to repair. Make sure it's swept or power washed to get rid of slippery sand and gravel. If you can afford to, have your lot sealed and get new parking lines applied. Knowing there's ample parking attracts people to a business because they don't have to worry about where to leave their car.


Add Some Paint

If the paint on your building is starting to peel, it can deteriorate fast, so break out the paintbrushes. Just a couple of coats could be the change your business needs to make it look new again. If you're feeling extra ambitious, a completely new and trendy color scheme could be the key to getting new business. You'll grab the attention of people that never knew your outfit existed or, at the very least, they'll wonder who the new owners are!


Put Up Clear and Concise Signs

There's nothing more awkward than getting to a business and not knowing where to enter. Get your message across by putting up the proper signage. If your business sits away from the road, you must have signs, or people could miss it altogether. Once a customer is in your lot, have signs telling them where they should go in. You should also have a sign posted on the door with your hours. This lets people know exactly when you're open, so they can plan their next visit.


Light It Up

Another guaranteed way to make your business stand out is through the use of lighting. Your parking area should always be lit up for safety. Then, feel free to get as creative as you like. Install landscaping lights in your garden and on the edge of your walkways. Be sure signs are lit up so they can always be seen. Another eye-catching idea is to use spotlights to illuminate the entire building. Last, you'll want to have security lights around the exterior of the building to deter crime.


Make a Good Impression


Making a positive first impression is important when you're in business and boosting curb appeal is a smart way to attract new customers. The secret is to take what you already have and make it better. By improving your lawn and landscaping, repairing your parking area and giving passersby a dazzling display to look at, you'll have people talking about you. Once you see new faces coming in the door, you'll know your hard work paid off.


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