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How To Use Data To Improve Your Business

1. Gathering Data

Before you can use data, you need to have it. There may be several avenues through which you can gain useful data, such as a market research team. But by far the most time and cost effective way of gathering data is by investing in good software, such as R2R (Record to Report) automation. These tools can help your business to automatically gather the relevant data needed for meaningful changes.

Software tools exist for any data gathering need you might have, whether you need to harvest social media data for advertising purposes, or helping to visualize data for more effective use. Some software can gather data from over 500 different places at once, making it possible to gather all your businesses needs in one secure location for later use.

2. Managing Data

Data management is one of the most often ignored aspects of the data process in business. The process of organizing, cleaning, formatting, and labelling data is often assumed to be something best left for later. But with a high volume of data, gathered thanks to the software you've invested in, it's hard to make sure nothing gets swept under the rug, or to avoid just keeping everything out of fear of tossing something important. Having good data management practices will help you to archive important but outdated data, while prioritizing new and relevant data.

The main goal of data management is to find answers rather than spending valuable time searching for them. Having everything you need in one place, where the most important information is the most readily available, will help enormously in using your data to improve your business practices. As AI tools get more and more intelligent, data management will become more crucial, so it's important that you give it proper attention now.

3. Securing Data

Whatever your industry, your data most likely contains information best kept secure and private. Surprisingly, a lot of data security breaches occur because of employees within the company accidentally leaking information to outside entities. So, it makes sense that securing your data should begin with properly educating your own workers about how to avoid data breeches and being safe with their communications. Automating more areas of business can help to eliminate the human error side of data breeches, as well.

If your clients or customers are using passwords to login to their accounts, it's likely they're neglecting to use proper practices to ensure their own safety. Having guidelines for password creation and recommending they change passwords frequently will go a long way to securing their own data, as well as having multi-step verification that goes beyond one email address and a username.

If data breeches become enough of an issue for your business, it may be time to invest in cybersecurity, whether that means outsourcing or hiring your own team. Whatever you decide to go with, it's important to take action now, as data breeches will not wait for you to be ready before they occur, and they can be deadly for an unprepared business.

4. Moving Upwards

Now that you've accomplished the three most important aspects of using data, it's time for your business to see improvements. But how exactly should you be using the data? The simplest way to immediately put your data to use is to use it in your personal decision making processes. Find out what questions exist throughout your business, whether they're about customer service, manufacturing, or warehouse distribution, and apply the relevant data to solving those problems. You'll soon find that making and executing decisions will become a streamlined and swift process.

There may also be future business opportunities within your data. If enough is gathered and properly managed, your data will become a real asset to your company, and can even be sold to other companies. If you're looking to sell your business in the future, it may be a more attractive acquisition because of your data. Not only can your business improve because of data, it can become much more than you ever imagined.


The importance of data to your business cannot be underestimated. Proper management of data can be the difference between success and failure, and using it properly will result in growth and satisfaction down the road.

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