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How to use dry shampoo - discover step by step

How to use dry shampoo

Regular hair care is very important to show a healthy and shiny mane. There are different types of products that, depending on the type of hair of each person, can help keep hair strong and without split ends, which grows quickly. In hair care, we must also take into account the scalp, since it is the area where the hair absorbs most of the nutrients that we provide with the different hair products.

One of the hair products that has gained most popularity since its appearance is dry shampoo. This cosmetic has different properties that help to take care of the hair, its use is not limited to leaving the hair clean in those occasions in which we do not have classic shampoo or we do not have a shower or water to rinse our hair. Although it is a product that is already used by a large number of people, some do not use it yet because they do not know how to apply it. That's why, from unCOMO, we explain how to use dry shampoo step by step.

What is dry shampoo?

How to use dry shampoo
How to use dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is a hair product that, mainly, was created to be used in those times of emergency where we need to wash our hair, but we do not have normal shampoo or we can not rinse our hair.

This cosmetic does not need to be rinsed with water at any time and, therefore, is very comfortable and easy to apply. Because of this, it has become one of the essential hair products for many people, among them, many celebrities who confess that they use it on a regular basis, since it also has other advantages.

What is dry shampoo used for?

The main use of dry shampoo is, as previously explained, to clean the hair without the need for rinsing. This feature is essential for those people who have bangs, since this area of ​​the hair gets dirty more easily than the rest. In this way, you can alternate the use of classic shampoo with dry shampoo to avoid washing the hair every day , which usually causes a greater presence of fat and dandruff in the hair, in addition to loss of shine.

But its use on a regular basis also brings other benefits to the hair. One of them is to obtain that the fat and fine hair have more body, volume and texture , avoiding their caking and the continued use of the classic shampoo. In addition, the fact that this product allows to space the washings, also helps any type of dye to be kept for longer in the hair.

Steps to use the dry shampoo correctly

There are different types of dry shampoos, so you must choose the one that is most appropriate for your hair according to its characteristics. When you have chosen the most suitable for you, get a brush that will be necessary to eliminate hair residue.

  1. First of all, with the hair completely dry, apply the shampoo dry by spraying about 20 centimeters of hair, always dividing the hair into sections. T
  2. We recommend that you start with the sides and apply it all over the hair , although you should have more influence on the roots , since this is where more dirt and grease accumulates. But it is important that you do not limit yourself to using it only on the scalp, since if you apply it on the whole mane you will get that effect of greater body and texture.
  3. When you have finished applying the product to all the hair, it is necessary to leave the shampoo on dry for about 5 minutes to get the grease and dirt absorbed properly.
  4. To properly remove the hair product, we recommend that you brush your hair repeatedly. You can also use a dryer, as long as it is cold programmed.

When should the shampoo be applied dry?

Although many people apply it in the morning, it is best to use it at night , because in this way the dry shampoo will be able to act throughout the night, absorbing more fat. This way, in the morning you will only have to comb it and hollow it slightly to get a bright and healthy mane that will last all day.

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