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How To Use Essential Oils Safely With Your Pets

How To Use Essential Oils Safely With Your Pets

Pets are adorable. Whether you have a pet dog or a cat, there’s no warmer greeting than your four-legged welcoming you after a long, tiring day. While spending your evenings with  a pet is a comforting way to relax after a busy day, aromatherapy is another popular way to refresh yourself.


With the growing popularity of aromatherapy, people diffuse essential oils in their homes to transform it into a peaceful, comfortable place. But, little do they know that essential oils could make their pets sick!


And, if we talk about pet illness, it seems so vague. Some puking here, a bit lethargy there- it becomes so tough to find the difference between a little under the weather and the beginning of a serious problem.


With this in mind, pet owners search for the guidelines to ensure that the essential oils they have selected aren’t the cause of this concern. But, the good thing is, you don’t have to sacrifice anything you love! 


Pure essential oils can do wonders on your cat or dog if used with care. Whether you use these oils for dog anxiety or as a dog perfume, you can relax knowing that you can continue the use. All you need to know is the responsible use of essential oils with your pets.


So, let’s get started!


See How Your Pets Respond

Cats and dogs have so many olfactory receptors, which make them susceptible to odor particles. So, if you are using essential oils for your pet for the first time, observe how they respond


As you are learning about essential oils, include them slowly into your wellness routine. Consider applying oils on a tissue and tuck it into your pocket or lapel. This helps acclimatize your pets with the essential oils.


As you hold or play with them throughout the day, you can gauge their response. However, beware of the cheap fragrance oils that may cause toxicity.


Be Careful With Certain Oils

Since every pet is different, they all have different reactions to different essential oils. Just like their concentrated form can cause allergic reactions in human beings, they can also affect the animals. Some essential oils like tea tree oil are not safe to be taken orally both by the humans, as well as pets.



Cats are sensitive to essential oils containing polyphenolic compounds. These oils interfere with their liver detoxification process. Thus, you need to use extra caution while using essential oils like cinnamon, clove, tea tree, birch, and oregano.


Besides, essential oils toxic to dogs include wintergreen, horseradish, yarrow, juniper, etc. From allergies and skin sensitivity to interfering with the body processes, they can trigger so many health issues.


Even if you are using essential oils for your health and wellness, exercise cautions when your pet is around. For example, if you wear these oils on your pulse points, be careful while petting your cat or dog. Keep them out during the therapy period, if you use these oils in a diffuser.


Make Wise Use Of Essential Oils

Whether you are going to practice aromatherapy for your pet or yourself, make safe use of essential oils. One big mistake most of the pet owners make is, they use too much essential oil. To prevent this, use a high-quality aroma diffuser that allows you to control the amount of oil emitted.


Buy Good Quality Essential Oils

Another important tip for using essential oils safely is to use only therapeutic grade essential oils. Poor quality essential oils contain additives that may trigger pet sensitivities. Also, some essential oils are just a blend of oils, containing absolutes that resemble the aroma of botanicals.


However, they actually contain solvents that could be unhealthy for your pets. So, perform some due diligence and find the best quality essential oils.


Be Vigilant

Pets are the loving members of a family. Their innocence and curiosity make you fall in love with them even more. But, these natural traits also make them vulnerable to so many mishaps. Moreover, they put their trust in you to find out what’s best for them.


So, it’s your duty to educate yourself from reliable sources about the safe use of essential oils for your pets. You can talk to a veterinarian to get advice on the proper way to use them. Keep the undiluted essential oils safely away from the reach of your precious pets.



Essential oils are natural, but the use of wrong essential oil can trigger negative reactions in the pets. But, remember, they are as beneficial for your companion as for you. Just follow the tips mentioned above, use these oils safely, and you don’t have to worry at all! 


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