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How to Use Facebook for Business Advertising in 2019

How to Use Facebook for Business Advertising in

There are plenty of good platforms for advertisers to use in the age of technology. With the creation of social media, it has brought forth a powerful new tool for people to communicate with including new space for businesses to interact with.

One of these powerful social media platforms is Facebook, and it is growing more powerful as the years pass by. They are continuously developing new tools for both personal and business users to use and benefit from so investing one’s time in Facebook is an excellent choice for anyone.

As a business owner or an advertiser, it is a loss on your part if you have never made use of the platform that Facebook has provided to communicate with your customer base. However, it is never too late to start.

If you want to know how to use Facebook as a way to advertise then read on to find out how exactly to go about it.

7 Simple Steps to Advertise on Facebook

To be able to advertise on Facebook, you only need to go through 7 simple steps as highlighted below.

Step 1: Set a Reasonable Budget

Before you can start ad campaigns on any platform including Facebook, you first need to consider how much you are willing to pay for it. How much would you be willing to pay in a month to run a campaign on Facebook?

You would not want to spend so much money in a month that it does not match up with how much you earn. At the same time, you do not wish to pay too little that you will not be able to see the results of your ad campaign.

When you have this figured out, you can then gauge how much you can spend on a campaign. Facebook has the option for you to set either a daily budget or a lifetime budget so you can easily choose between the two depending on your budget.

Step 2: Optimize Your Facebook Business Page

Once you have figured out the costs of a monthly Facebook campaign, you then have to start optimizing your Facebook page. You can begin optimizing your Facebook Page by updating all the information you have on your page.

Make sure you include contact information if you had not yet connected your Facebook Messenger to your Facebook page so that people know how to contact you. Do update your photos and your About Me section.

Also, remember that you have Pinned posts that are relevant to your business. Make sure that these posts contain information relevant to your business as well as relevant to anyone who visits your Facebook page.

Step 3: Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Website

A more advanced way to advertise smartly on Facebook is by adding a small snippet of code in your website’s header. This vital chunk of code is called the Facebook Pixel.

The Facebook pixel should be attached at the header of your site, and this would enable you to track precisely what kind of attention you are getting from your ad campaign. It will track how well the Facebook campaign has worked in getting you traffic on your site and much more.

Although you may be intimidated by code, this should be relatively easy. It would only be a matter of copy and pasting, so if you still have not managed to add this code in your site, please do so.

Step 4: Think Like a Consumer

When people advertise a business, a lot of people can tend to be self-centered in their perspectives. They end up thinking about reaching their goals first rather than having the welfare of the customers first.

Today, consumers want caring and personal experiences with the brand that they support, so they want ads that know them very well. Thus, when crafting your ad or your campaign, do think about the consumers’ mindset more than your own.

If you are worried about producing results, then do not worry. When you follow the needs of your customer, business results will follow so best adjust your campaign based on who your customers are, what their profile is, and then you can set your campaign goals better.

Step 5: Target Lookalike Audiences

On Facebook, there is an exciting feature there called Lookalike Audiences. Lookalike Audiences are a way of connecting to a potentially untapped market that are viable consumers of your business because they have similar interests to your current target market.

Facebook can help you know which audiences are your Lookalike Audience based on long-time data of your previous clients. You can activate this if you have long-term data of visitors from your site from FB pixel to a manual customer list.

It is an excellent way to test out the different audiences and different campaigns on these audiences. You would hone in better on your advertising efforts. Just make sure you are qualified to turn this feature on.

Step 6: Test, Test, Test

Once you have run a campaign, it does not mean everything is all good and excellent for you. You must always do your best to improve upon your previous conquests.

The benefit of digital advertising is that it lets you view results in real-time. Aside from that, it enables you to adjust a campaign in real-time as well so it is essential that you make use of this fact so that you have a more optimized campaign.

Previously it has been covered that you can set up Lookalike Audiences. This is an excellent way to optimize experiences depending on your audience. Perhaps one approach won’t work for a particular audience, but it may work for another.

Don’t be lenient and always test out specific strategies so that you will be able to get higher conversion rates and better leads.

Step 7: Make Sure Your Site Is Up-to-Date and Captivating

Finally, the last step to advertise well on Facebook is by running an excellent and up-to-date site for your business. You may be under the impression that a good Facebook page is all it takes but your website is essential too.

All of your advertising efforts on Facebook will all go to waste if your website is not as good as the landing page experience that you provide on your site. There are some rules to a good landing page experience.

One, you need to be able to provide your consumer with what they are looking for immediately upon entering your site. Secondly, your website must be easy to navigate. Another important point is that you don’t have too many pop-ups on your site.

All of these can create an excellent experience for your site visitors so don’t neglect your site just because your Facebook page is running smoothly.

A business that wants to flourish through Facebook Advertising must take note of these few steps on how to use Facebook for their business’s advertising. Plenty of Facebook advertising agencies know how to optimize their clients’ page, and these are just one of the few ways they do it.

Just keep in mind not only your goals but also your customers’ wants and needs to have the best ad campaign possible. Good luck!

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