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How to Use Google Voice Conferencing Tool

In today’s world where almost everything is based on technology, Conference calling is something that has become an effective marketing tool especially for business groups and its employees. The facility to connect with a large number of people by being at one place has replaced the earlier conference room meetings model of many companies. Conference calling therefore, in a way helps businesses to work effectively and efficiently from being at one place thus eliminating the need of unnecessary un-required travel for meeting purposes.  Conference calling helps to work efficiently and effectively by being at one place in a way eliminating the possibilities of unnecessary travel between sites for meetings.

Not only that, but it also turned into a necessary tool during this time when the whole world is suffering from the outbreak of Coronavirus which led to the emergency lockdown almost in the whole world.

In such an emergency situation when no one is allowed to step out from their houses and everybody is doing work from home; Voice Conferencing software has become the most essential tool in this scenario. It connects people to each other virtually from their particular places.

There are so many free ‘Voice conferencing tools’ options available in the market and one from those is “Google Voice”. Conference calls with Google Voice have become an easy and affordable solution to audio conference calls for business professionals to have control over business calls using the ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ tool. Now, let’s know how to make a conference call using Google Voice:

  • Before using Google Voice, there are two main requirements that needs to be fulfilled otherwise you’ll not be able to make a conference call and they are-
  • A Gmail account: Sign-up to make a account on Gmail to use Google Voice
  • A Google Voice Number: Use your existing number by incorporating it with Google Voice facility or you can register at ‘Google Voice Sign-up’ page to get a new Google Voice number. You’ll be amazed to know that this number helps you in availing different services of Google voice such as Skype. Conference calling on Skype is one from the most popular options. Others are ‘Apple’s facetime’, ‘OoVoo’ and Google Hangouts.
  • Now, to make a call, decide a time and ask other conference participants to call on your Google Voice number.
  • And when each of them calls you in, what you need to do is answer the call and simply press 5 to add them for the conference.
  • That’s it!  This way you can easily make a conference call using Google Voice. However, still if you face any difficulty doing so, you can visit the site “GetAssist” to help you with all your technical queries and needs.

Also, Google Voice features a “3 way call” option, lets you initiate a conversation between you and 2 other callers at the same time. Therefore, let’s also know how to make a 3-Way-Conference Call:

  • To make a 3-way conference call, first dial the number of the person whom you want to connect with from your phone.
  • Once that person answers your call, you need to press the ‘Flash’ button and put that caller on hold in order to connect with the third person.
  • Now, after you put the caller on hold, you need to wait till you listen to a dial tone and then dial that third person from your contacts whom you want to connect on the on-going conference call.
  • That’s it! When that person answers the call, you then just have to press the ‘Flash Button’ to finally connect those two contacts with you.
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