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How to Use Shopify for Dropshipping - Let Me Reveal the Correct Way! 

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Shopify is the leading choice for dropshippers in 2021. According to Shopify, there are around 218 million active buyers on their platform. Your dropshipping business can definitely benefit from such a huge volume of buyers. 

The article will drive you through setting up the Shopify platform and the popular ways you can dropship via Shopify. 

So let’s begin with how you can set up your Shopify store. 

Setting Up Your Shopify Store

Setting up Shopify can be quite easy. Follow me for a quick tutorial on how you can set up your own Shopify store. 

Step 1: Register for Shopify

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Step 2: Fill In the Details

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Now, you can access your dashboard. 

Step 3: Add/Import Your Products

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As a  dropshipper, you can import products using Oberlo Extension from AliExpress or Alibaba. 

Step 4: Customize Your Storefront

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Step 5: Set Your Payment Methods

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Step 6: Set Shipping Rates

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Screenshot 2021 02 22 at 11.58.27 PM a0f6bbd8

You can click on manage rates and set your rates accordingly. 

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Tadaa! You’re done setting up your Shopify store.  Also, there are other plenty of Google Chrome extensions that simplify your dropshipping business on Shopify. 

Find a Vendor 

Now that you’ve created your Shopify store, you need to search for suppliers. The best platforms to search for products and suppliers are - Alibaba, AliExpress, and CJ Dropshipping. 


Alibaba is a massive marketplace that connects you with sellers. Suppliers provide dropshippers with bulk items, customizations, and more.

Why Choose Alibaba? 

  1. Alibaba has around 2.8 million suppliers on its platform and more than 5,900 product categories. 
  2. Many suppliers on Alibaba are willing to work with smaller businesses and provide smaller quantities.
  3. At Alibaba, you can easily get a product with custom designs and logos because it’s added during the manufacturing process.


AliExpress is a retailer and most sellers on AliExpress mostly have no minimum order requirements. The best part about AliExpress is its ePacket shipping solution.

Why Choose AliExpress? 

  1. Dropshippers can use AliExpress to find trending products, market research, and build relationships with vendors.
  2. ePacket shipping option offered by third-party logistics providers in China and Hong Kong provides a quick and affordable shipping option for light packages. 
  3. Dropshipping with AliExpress is as easy as purchasing the product and delivering it to your customer’s address. That’s it! 


 CJDropshipping is an all-in-one place for product sourcing, order processing, fulfillment, and quick shipping to the United States. 

Why Should We Go for CJDropshipping?

  1. CJDropshipping uses US-based warehouses and aims for same-day processing. It works with shipping providers like USPS, UPS, DHL, and FedEx.
  2. There are millions of listings accessible through CJDropshipping where products range from normal to rare items. 
  3. If a product doesn’t exist in the CJDropshipping app, you can put in a request and wait for CJDropshipping to notify you. 

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How to Promote Your Dropshipping Store?

Once you establish your store, sitting and waiting won’t get you sales. So, here are some ways of promotion that you can leverage: 


The higher your website ranks during a Google search, the more customers you will be able to get. Using apps in the Shopify App Store, you can analyze your dropshipping store’s search engine optimization.

Digital Advertisements 

From Facebook to Google’s PPC ads, there are a lot of things that you can explore for promotion. Although these ads may cost you a bit, if you know the game quite well, you can really bring a great R.O.I on them. 

Social Media 

Millions of social media users are actively purchasing Facebook and Instagram. Why don’t you try to promote your store organically by being consistent?  

The Bottom Line

Shopify is an amazing platform for your dropshipping business because of its ease of access, marketing tools, and dropshipping-friendly extensions. You can try it for yourself signing up for Shopify’s free 14-day trial and begin your dropshipping journey today. 

Written by Michael from Conversionskitchen.com for more free dropshipping tutorials and marketing tutorials visit our website.

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