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How to Use Unique Birthday Party Ideas

unique birthday party idea

Birthday parties are essential milestones for kids, where parents wish everything goes right. It includes the logistics, catering, gifts and other such details. One important aspect is the type of games to be organised.

The kind of games and their orchestration can make or break the party. Organising games provide lots of entertainment to the little guests. Here are some ideas that can make a kid’s birthday party a smashing success.

Some Points to Note

• Consider the average age of all kids invited to the party and select games in which all can participate and not just a few.

• If a theme for the party has been planned, don’t be scared of straying a bit from the subject while selecting a game that can be fun.

• Avoid intellectual games; they can be set aside for school time.

• Keep the games short; long games will tire out the kids.

• Avoid gender-specific games like ‘dressing as a princess’.

• Plan well and prepare ahead. It is a challenge to organise a group of kids and to avoid chaos.

A Few Ideas for Birthday Parties

• Birthday Party Trailers
There are some companies in the market which provide trailers for mobile parties. The trailer can come to the customer’s location and the game coaches of the company will set up everything. It is a unique birthday party idea which is a party on wheels. The subject of the party may be the latest video games or Lego theme.

• Bombing the City
This fun game marks 4 corners of the room with names of cities like London, Paris, New York and Tokyo. Get kids to move in a line while music is played. When the music stops suddenly, the kids can choose to stand at any one corner. Now the organiser will pick a chit from those with names of the four cities. If she picks up, for example, London, all kids standing in the London corner are out of the game. Thus, eventually all kids are bombed out of the cities, and the last kid to get out is the winner.

• Musical Chair
This game is similar to the last one and is equally fun. Keep chairs in a circle with their number being one less than the number of participants. Get kids to move in a circle around the chairs while music is being played. When the music is stopped suddenly, all kids will scramble for a chair. But one gets left out and she or he is out of the game. Continue the game, each time reducing the number of chairs by one and one kid getting out in every round. The game ends with two kids vying for one chair and the kid who gets the last chair is the winner.

Treasure Hunt

For this game, a set of clues must be organised which may be pictorial or textual. Keep these clues at various places, with one hint leading to the next? The kid who follows the right clues and finds the treasure at the end of the clues is the winner. In case this game is organised outdoors, an adult must chaperone the kids to keep them out of danger.

These are all some top, unique birthday party ideas.

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