Thursday, September 28, 2023
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How to Use Video to Speech Text

Choosing Video to Text or Speech

If you need to transcribe a video to text, and you aren’t a professional closed captioner, there are lots of programs out there to provide the transcription tools you will need to produce that text pretty easily.

The two choices of transcription: with a human-based professional transcription service, or with computer based, automated video transcription. Speech recognition tech has progressed a lot in the recent past, but there is a common problem that keeps the technology for video to text behind the pac: the transcription AI has to weed out any background music or noise, along with other problems that are related to video or film, alone. Sound noise, ambiguous audio files in the background, and multiple speakers all complicate the process.

To decide the most correct text to use, a live person might be the best voice in this case.

Finding a video to text program that is affordable, works well, and is simple to integrate with your equipment isn’t always easy to find, and is heavily sought out.

Video Transcription Services

AssemblyAI Video Transcription

AssemblyAI offers the industry’s best automated video speech to text transcription software. Their Core TRanscription service offers one price for all transcription services, including for video footage. Highlights include:

     Top-Rated Accuracy

     Automatic Punctuation and Casing

     All Audio and Video Formats Accepted

     Confidence Scores

     Word Timings

Rev's Service for Human-Based Transcription

Rev’s Human Based Transcription  is one of the top providers for transcription of both videos and straight audio files in the industry. Based on Rev's affordability, accuracy, and usability, PC Magazine also designated the service as its "Editor's Choice". Rev provides both transcription based on humans and automatic transcription.

Transcription systems that utilize transcriptionists usually take longer than digital services, and they also cost more. Rev’s is highly rated by professionals who use it, due to a 99 percent precision record, and a fast 12-hour turnaround time for processing. . Professional transcribers who are known for fast typing is the core reason for this. It is a pretty safe option to use for high stakes contracts.

Free Services Online

Some free services you can use online are SpeechTexter, Speechlogger, and Speechnotes.

There are lots of video to text tools that are free, if not entirely fast or accurate. These are not professional level solutions, but they will transcribe in a pinch, typing word for word as best as they are able. This leaves a lot of work for you to do, to clean up the text, add in missing or incorrect punctuation, etc.

These free tools listed above utilize your computer’s microphone, so you’ll have to make sure and set up the audio from your video source to play directly into your computer microphone.

The final free video to text option is to use the “Type with Your Voice” option that you can find free for use in Google Docs. Google Docs is a popular, upgradable service (offered through Google, clearly) that provides several document editing options and more. Although This is a fairly bare-bones service, the price is right for those operating on a budget for school or a small business. Through the “help tools” menu in Google Docs, the microphone settings allow the user to access “Voice Typing”, which can be useful in translating video speech to text. Google then clicks on an icon to activate your microphone by opening the "Help Tools" menu and selecting "Voice Typing."

Depending on your needs, you can choose free video to text services, or choose from some professional quality video to text services. If you need to get the materials edited quickly and accurately, the best option is a pay service, either digital or human-based.

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