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How to Wash Your Car at Home?

You must love your car! Everyone does and this is because of their love that they keep it in top condition. Do you? If you believe that you are unable to give the right attention to your beloved car, continue reading to know how you can.

Essentially there are two ways of keeping your car clean. One is cleaning the vehicle yourself and the other is booking car wash services. If you want to clean your vehicle at home, the following are important details that you should keep in mind.

Ø  What Materials are Needed for a Two-bucket Car Wash?

1 A Dedicated Automotive Shampoo

There are some great auto shampoos in the market. The key is to always use a product specifically designed for cars. Never use household or industrial cleaning products for car wash, as they can damage the paint.

2 Microfiber Car Wash Glove

A microfiber car wash glove is a glove specially designed to wash your vehicle safely and limit the risk of creating scratches.

3 Large Buckets

The two-bucket method is always less secure than the three-bucket method:

1 bucket for the wheels

1 bucket for paint

1 paint rinse bucket

When you wash the wheels, you collect metal chips in your washing glove, for example from brake dust and which can micro-scratch the paint. So, using a bucket and a glove dedicated to the wheels becomes important.

In summary: 1 bucket for washing the wheels, 2 buckets for washing the paint.

4 Quality Microfiber Towels

To dry your vehicle, you will need a high-quality microfiber towel. They must specially be designed to dry your vehicle. This type of microfiber drying towel is designed to hold a much larger amount of water and this will prevent you from getting watermarks on the paint.

5 Rinsing Hose

Finally, you will need a garden hose to rinse your vehicle with each wash cycle. On the other hand, use your pressure washer.

If you think gathering all this equipment is a herculean task, you can always book a service quickly through Mr. Mahir car wash app. 

Ø  Washing Your Car at Home: Step by Step

Once all of these supplies have been gathered, you are ready to begin the process of a car wash at home.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Cleaning a car is much easier when you are organized and have everything ready.

Make sure you have everything on hand, including your wash bucket, car soap, and wash gloves so you don't have to go looking for them.

Step 2: Pre-wash the Vehicle

This is a very easy step; you just need to run water over the vehicle to soften the dirt and make most of it fall to the ground. In this way, it will not end up in your wash mitt and drag on the paint.

Also, the prewash (which can be done with a foam gun or foam gun) lubricates the surface to resist even more scratches or the drying of auto soap on the paint. If you think you can not maintain your car without professional help, book Mr. Mahir car wash or car detailing services.

Step 3: Wash Your Wheels and Tires First

Remember when you were advised to use one gear dedicated to the wheels and the other to the paint to avoid "cross-contamination". Well, that's also why you should wash your wheels first.

When you wash the wheels (rim and tire), excess soap and debris go everywhere, including paint, without you seeing it. By washing the wheels first, you remove any residue from the body panels, without damaging the paintwork or having to wash it again.

Step 4: Wash One Section of the Car at a Time

Using the 2-bucket wash method, you need to wash a section and then rinse the section.

For example, start with the hood, then move to the front of the driver, to the back of the driver's side, and so around the vehicle. With each new section, your glove should be rinsed well and rubbed in the rinse water, then plunged back into the soapy solution to clean a new section.

Step 5: Dry the Vehicle

Using the above method for car wash is 80% of the work you need to do.

Drying a car is the part that can undo all the precautions you've taken so far. Use high quality microfiber drying towels like the ones mentioned earlier in this article to get the picture-perfect look for your car.

All This Sounds Like Too Much?

Don’t worry, we can help you save time, money, and energy on car wash and detailing. Download Mr. Mahir car detailing app or car wash app and keep your car in top condition in a hassle-free way.


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