Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Among the practical clothes to put on in the morning, I name the jumpsuit! No need to ask the eternal question: what will I wear with these pants? The jumpsuit has this undeniable advantage, it consists of a single piece.

If we agree that it is comfortable and pleasant to wear, it can quickly give a garage-style or a masculine style. In summer, with their thin straps, fluid trouser suits are very elegant, but how do you adopt the trouser suit in the middle of winter?

So, how to wear the jumpsuit in a feminine way?

The jumpsuit: a fashion trend for 2020

Little nugget adored by women this year: the jumpsuit.

The perfect piece that can be worn both in summer and in winter. Whether you are looking for a chic jumpsuit for women or on the contrary very casual, you will have a multitude of options to wear the jumpsuit. 

The green cargo jumpsuit: To be able to wear the jumpsuit on all your occasions (formal or casual), nothing beats a green cargo jumpsuit. In the office, in the evening and even at a wedding, you will be very elegant with a green jumpsuit.

First of all, if in summer we prefer very light and fluid materials, in winter, we will go with thicker and warmer materials, and chicer! Of course, if it's an evening jumpsuit, you can afford the silk or lace jumpsuit. But to adopt the jumpsuit in everyday life, in the middle of winter, it is better to wear jeans or thick cotton. To adapt to your fall/winter wardrobe, opt for seasonal colors: anthracite, navy blue, burgundy, black, khaki, camel, etc….

If you want to add style to your jumpsuit, wear slingbacks . You will just be ultra-stylish!

What morphology to wear a jumpsuit?

Many women hesitate with this type of trend. So rest assured, the jumpsuit is very flattering for most figures. The only exception: petite women who won't really look good with a jumpsuit. Better to favor playsuits when you are small. For curvy women, the jumpsuit is perfect . But beware, we choose it, in a fluid material and without prints . Worn with heels, the jumpsuit will elegantly lengthen the silhouette. Tall women, meanwhile, will be spoiled for choice and can choose all models, with or without heels.

3 trouser suits perfect for winter

Denim jumpsuit

This season the denim trend is once again! But not just any old fashioned way, we adopt the total denim look. While the styling exercise can be difficult when matching a denim top and bottom, it is very easy when the fashion piece is one-piece. At least you can't go wrong!

In winter, we prefer a raw denim jumpsuit. Easier to match with your winter wardrobe, you can also add a pretty beige chunky knit cardigan. On the style side, try to find a well-adjusted fit: A cut that is not too wide at the ankles (if you can, rolled the bottom of the jumpsuit very lightly).

  • For the size, prefer a cut where you will feel perfectly comfortable (not too tight).

  • Long sleeves are of course appropriate to keep you warm.

  • To give character to your outfit, belt your jumpsuit .

How to wear the denim jumpsuit in winter ?

In casual fashion with sneakers. In chic fashion with heeled ankle boots (very discreetly visible ankles) or pumps.

The khaki jumpsuit

Several options are possible with the khaki jumpsuit : the minimalist chic version in poplin or the more urban version (trendy) with a thick cotton jumpsuit.

In summary :

If you want to be trendy this winter, quickly shop for a denim, khaki or black jumpsuit!

If you have curves, choose a fluid and light material.


For a wedding, the chic jumpsuit for women is an excellent choice (a midnight blue will be very elegant).


Daniel Zayas
Daniel Zayas
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