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How to Write a 3000-Words Essay in a Single Day

Practicing writing skills is barely possible when you're in a rush. Most of the time, it's impossible to keep calm and concentrate. Of course, there are many ways to handle the situation, and one of the best methods is sending a 'do my homework for me' request. The safest option would be to split the assignment in two and handle it jointly with an expert.

Writing a 3000-word essay in a single day is truly a daunting task especially when the research is also included. But nothing is impossible when you make up your mind to do something at any cost. Though most people usually prefer help assignment for completing such a challenging task, you should trust your capabilities. Simplify your task in the following way: 


  • Understand the task

  • Set a strict timetable

  • Create an outline 

  • Work stage by stage 

  • And finish your task 


First you need to understand your task and then plan according to the time available for work. If you start with an outline and follow a step by step process, you need approximately 16 hours to finish the task. 


What Are Four Stages of the Writing Task? 


There are four stages of an essay writing task and each stage is significant. These stages are as follow: 


  1. Research 

  2. Writing 

  3. Editing

  4. Proofreading 


What You Need to Complete a Time-Sensitive Task? 


A task that you want to complete in a short period of time requires you to have these things:  


  1. Sufficient amount of time: Of course you have only one day so now you just need to utilize your time efficiently. 

  2. Highest level of energy: The night before the task, you should have a full night’s sleep so the next morning, you feel relaxed.  

  3. Full focus to work: At least for one day, you must stay away from all kinds of distractions whether it is social, personal, or even professional.   

  4. A quiet place to work: If you are working in a noisy place, you will not be able to work with focus. Therefore, it is better to choose a quiet place for meeting the challenging task.  

  5. Ready-to-use resources: Keep all the necessary items available before you begin the task. For example, you should keep in quick access books, notes, pens, registers, online resources, or anything else you may need. 


Step-by-Step Process: Let’s Begin the Task 


Step 1: Divide the Big Task into Small Stages 


As mentioned above, this kind of task has four stages i.e. research, writing, editing, and proofreading. Each one has its own significance and you must reserve enough time for each stage. When you see this kind of lengthy task as a whole, you naturally come under psychological pressure. Because it seems like a mission impossible that you can’t complete. 


On the contrary, when you divide it into stages, the completion of each stage gives you an essence of accomplishment. This strategy seems quite simple but it really works so well. Therefore, you must adopt it in your 3000-word essay writing plan. 


Step 2: Divide Available Time into Short Time Slots  

Calculate the total time available to you and distribute it into multiple time slots. For example, if you have 16 hours in hand, you can divide these various time slots. You can follow the pattern given below with changes to meet your requirement.  


  1. First Slot - 3 hours: (Research) dedicate the first slot of three hours for gathering necessary information, research material, and references. 


  1. Second Slot - 1 hour: (Rest) if you need additional time for research, reserve this slot for completing research work. Moreover, you should also take some rest before moving to the writing stage. 


  1. Third Slot – 1 hour:  (Writing Introduction) write the introduction of your essay which should usually take 30-40 minutes. Additionally, you can use the remaining time for rest but if you are not exhausted, go for writing. 


  1. Fourth Slot – 6 hours: (Writing Body) this is going to be the biggest stage of your essay writing task and you definitely need additional time. So try to finish your writing work within six hours which is quite enough for a task of 3000 words. 


  1. Fifth Slot – 1 hour: (Rest) after completing stage two (writing) of your task, most probably, you will be quite tired. So take at least one hour of rest before moving to the next stage. Eat or drink something to energize yourself or do anything else other than writing. 


  1. Sixth Slot – 1 hour: (Write Conclusion) once you have finished writing the body section, you have almost finished the task. So after a short break, conclude your essay. The conclusion is the last but very important part of the writing stage and therefore, you must utilize your best writing skills to complete it. 


  1. Seventh Slot – 1 hour: (Editing) editing is the third stage of the entire task. You must know what type of editing style to adopt for your essay before even you begin writing. So once you finish writing, make sure you have followed the recommended editing style throughout your work.  


  1. Eighth Slots – 2 hour: (Proofreading) if you are not mentally tired, go for the revision process. This needs your attention so you must be attentive. This section may take 1-2 hours of your entire period. 


Final Words 

8 Time-Slots of 16 hours in total would be quite helpful in completing your 3000-word essay writing task easily. Additionally, you can divide the total word count into smaller tasks of 500 words each. It means a 3000-word essay may be divided into 6 small tasks of 500 words each.

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