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How to Write The Best Thesis Conclusion

Usually, students don’t stress much about writing a conclusion. Mostly they try to get rid of the work as soon as possible, and that's why they write the conclusion in haste.

Conclusion in any writing plays a vital role as it gives a proper ending to a particular piece of writing and enhances your paper presentation.

Writing a thesis conclusion is not as simple as an essay conclusion and vice versa, but it is technical and needs keen focus and a firm grip on writing.

Main Features of a Good Conclusion

Many pillars together create a building, and each of those pillars possesses significance. Similarly, a reasonable conclusion always holds the following features.

·       Length of the Thesis

Though a reasonable conclusion should be 7% to 8% of the overall text in terms of length, in general, the length of the thesis conclusion depends upon the topic.

When it is written for a scientific thesis, it usually holds the basic statics from findings, so it is comparatively shorter. However, a humanities thesis holds a detailed account of the findings; hence it is extensive.

·       Relevancy

The thesis conclusion is always closely relevant to the topic and research. Therefore, no new arguments are added to the conclusion, but a summary of the work is included.

·       Comprehension

A thesis conclusion is straightforward and comprehensive. It never holds complexity, but it further simplifies the concepts and arguments that have been presented in the thesis.

The primary purpose of the thesis conclusion is to represent most straightforwardly what your topic is about and how you have figured it out.

·       A Brief Account of your Research

A brief account of the research means the outline of what you have found on the research topic and the contributions you have made to the topic. A good thesis always gives this brief account efficiently.

Simple Tips to Write the Best Thesis Conclusion

Students can consult online master thesis services or undergraduate and PhD thesis assistance to finish their work, yet you should know the essentials for writing a good thesis conclusion. Here are some easy tips that can help you in this regard.

Restate your Thesis

Restating your thesis, in conclusion, is as essential as the thesis statement. It is like you have rephrased the thesis statement by adding some more solid arguments and supporting factors. But there is a difference between a thesis statement and restatement in conclusion.

In the thesis statement, you hint the reader with what you are going to explore, whereas restating includes the result of your exploration.

Give Synopsis of the Whole Research

While including the research synopsis in your thesis conclusion, you should answer the following concerns.

  • Purpose of your research
  • Both Observational and Theoretical Framework
  • Limitations and Delimitations
  • Significance of the Study

Answer the Main Research

Remind the readers of the main question upon which your research rests and make a clear answer without if(s) and but(s). Please keep it to the point because it depicts the originality o your research and content.

Mention Your Contribution to the Topic

In your thesis conclusion, you must add what new you have brought to the discussed topic. Clearly mention your contributions, whether it is a resolution you have introduced to an unanswered question or a new prediction you have made and proved it correct with facts and figures.

Also, it may be a new idea or a creative thought that has given a new direction to the readers regarding the topic.

Add a Final Message or Recommendation

At the end of the thesis conclusion, a take-home note is added. It could be a suggestion or advice to the reader or a recommendation for the work. It is to carry out in the future regarding the topic of your thesis. It gives the impression of a call to action.

Difference between Weak and Strong Thesis Conclusion

Strong ConclusionWeak Conclusion
ArguableConventional or Easily Agreeable
Extended EndingEnded in a rush – 2 to 3 lines
Clear and ComprehensiveAmbiguous and Confusing
Relevant and CompactAdditional and Irrelevant

Final Note

Students who put all their efforts into writing a thesis take conclusions for granted. A reasonable thesis conclusion is equally valuable as the thesis itself. A few focused hours are enough to write the best conclusion for your thesis, but concentration and interest are the main conditions.

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