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How trolleys, hand trucks, and dollies proved a boon for handling equipment

Trolleys and hand trucks are used to transport industrial goods and stuff in workplaces. From platform trolleys to stock trolleys or hand trucks, heavy-duty trolleys, and dollies, this material handling equipment proves to be a great use in warehouses, offices, hotels, hospitals, and a variety of distinct work settings.

Different types of trolleys for different tasks & functions.

There are several trolleys to perform several functions which include 2 deck trolleys, 3- deck trolley to 5 deck trolleys, etc. Multi-deck trolleys like 2deck trolleys to 5 deck trolleys are availablse to perform different functions. These trolleys suit for kitchens, food processing, and other manufacturing areas. These trolleys are durable and reliable as each trolley is fitted with 4 reliable castor wheels for increased portability. This is why they are chosen as the best material handling equipment for storing and transportation of items.

Foldable platform trolleys are there for space-saving stories, as well as high and mesh sided trolley for better security and safety.

There are utility trolleys, linen skips, laundry trolleys, chrome linen trolleys, and more stuff for the transportation of items in the hospitality and cleaning industries.

There are hand trucks, hotel luggage trolleys, powered trolleys, big bin trolleys, dollies, and more accessories to handle different types of works.

Stainless steel trolley

Stainless steel trolley is manufactured with stainless steel frame and bolts and also easy to assemble flat pack. Its smooth shelves and corners are good for easy cleaning and it comprises of 4 swivel locking casters that are fitted for standard works. Stainless trolleys are assembled with steel so these trolleys are ideal and convenient for wet areas and the areas which are exposed to chemicals.

These trolleys are highly preferable for refrigerators, cool rooms, and supermarkets. Stainless steel trolleys designed with 2 decks, 2 drawers fitted beneath the top deck offers portable storage and goods material handling equipment solution in hospital and nursing home areas & provinces.

Platform trolleys

Platform trolleys are fit and suitable for retail, industrial, hospitality, and health care applications. Platform trolleys are super strong enough and equipped with heavy steel tube construction for durable everyday use. Galvanized platform trolleys have large center wheels for low push effort and also fit for wet and harsh environments.

There are different platform trolleys which comprise of single and double handed platform trolley, folding platform trolley, high and mesh sided platform trolley, etc.

Order picking and stock trolley

Order picking trolleys are available in a single bin, two-tier bin, and twin bin configurations. Order picking trolleys not only transport from room to room internally but its large diameter pneumatic wheels and push handle can take one’s bins across the grass, asphalt, and other uneven surfaces.    

Stock trolley

Stock trolleys are fitted with twin doors, folding middle and bottom shelves, and Z nesting frames. This stock and material handling equipment is considerable for transporting laundry stuff; it is also good for handling and dealing with large and bulky item.

Cleaning and laundry trolley

This trolley includes professional stainless steel laundry and hospital soiled linen collection carts and skips, as well as cleans linen hamper carts. These laundries are designed for handling laundry stuff and laundry related wastes with convenience and reliability.

Hotel luggage trolleys

These trolleys are perfect for distributing dry cleaning stuff to guests and storing staff uniforms, its nice features makes it strong and convenient for various uses.

Ladder trolley                         

These types of trolley come in two-deck, three-deck, and four-deck configurations. These trolleys are excellent for retail, office, factory, and warehouses. It can support load up to 200 kg and are fitted with 2 fixed and 2 swivel polyurethane casters for improved mobility in the workplace.

Shopping trolleys

These are designed to transport small to medium-sized materials which are suitable for shops and shopping malls. It is equipped with a foot brake, removable wheels, and one collapse crate. This is suited for use in retail, office, hospital, etc as a means of material handling equipment.

Flat deck trolley

It is suitable for striding light to medium loads, such as desks, cabinets, and other furnishings, etc.

Skates and angle frame dollies

Skates are designed for moving heavy equipment and furniture in factories, warehouses, and offices making them invaluable for material and equipment movers.

Angle frame dollies

It has a sturdy structural foam construction that will not rust or dent and its 75 mm non- marking castors is suitable for easy mobility. It is made to mobilize heavy objects such as desks, cabinets, and other objects, etc.

Hand trucks

This is widely used in the transport and logistics industry and in also office and hospitality atmospheres as a material handling equipment.

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