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How Twitter Has Helped People To Share Important Information During COVID-19

How Twitter has helped people to share important information during COVID 19 e1914a0d

There is no doubt about the fact that social media has played a significant role in spreading all the safety measures and information relating to COVID-19. Social media has come to great use in this task because of its virtual nature and huge connectivity. Twitter is no exception to that. As the data shows, twitter has in total of 330 million users; therefore, Twitter has been a great source of information for a large number of people. Some of the common methods by which Twitter has emerged useful in the pandemic are –

• Hashtags – Using hashtags to share the content is the most popular approach of Twitter users. When a hashtag gets viral, information is passed very easily and people start to put more and more content relating to that hashtag on Twitter. Also, the hashtags appear in the trending section, so it becomes straightforward for people to access useful information by just going through the trending section.

• Videos – Videos are a brilliant way of simplifying the information. Twitter video download feature has helped people to download videos for future use from Twitter platform. With the help of those video content, people can understand the details of the disease, its symptoms, its safety measure, the right way of wearing a mask, etc. Video content has also helped in educating the people about the novel coronavirus; the detailed biology of the virus, how it affects us, how does it spread, etc.

• Updates – Twitter is a strong social media platform and as we have seen that it has millions of users on it. This has helped in spreading the latest updates of lockdown in various cities and countries. It was often the case that lockdown rules were continuously changing and to keep up with those new and updated rules about timings of lockdown, number of people allowed gathering in public places, etc. was easily spread through Twitter. 

• Vaccines – Even if vaccines took a long time to come, social media like Twitter always kept the hopes of the people high by constantly providing research information about the vaccine. All the stages of the vaccine testing, their effectiveness, and side effects were discussed on social media which helped in keeping the spirits of people high. Not just the vaccine but social media spread the awareness on new possible threats and new mutant viruses that were lurking after the first wave of coronavirus. It is also sure that the arrival of full-fledged distribution of vaccines will be celebrated on the social media sites like Twitter.

• Other than a virus – Social media kept people engaged during the lockdown and were the ultimate cure to the boredom which people faced in the face of uncertain times. Social media was one of the best ways how people kept themselves connected with their near ones during the pandemic and shared their lives. Twitter and other social media sites helped people to distract themselves from the negativity surrounding the situation because there was no other option beside patience. Twitter was possibly the best source of entertainment during the entire pandemic.  

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