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How various types of plastic bottles are made for the beverage industry?

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The plastic bottles for the beverage industry and the plastic water bottles you see in the market are all manufactured by plastic bottle manufacturers. The plastic bottle production process that the Plastic Bottle Manufacturers in Hawaii follows is lengthy but, at the same time, very accurate. Well, you will get to have a look at the plastic bottle manufacturer's production process right here. So, without much ado, let's head straight into it.


1. The injection molding process: 

The first step involved in the production process of plastic bottles for the beverage industry is injection molding. The injection molding is the initial step for plastic production, and every type of plastic bottle used for soda, juice, water, and milk is manufactured under this step.


The molding process produces or manufactures the plastic preforms. Under this process, first of all, the plastic pellets are measured by the experienced plastic manufacturers. Some plastic manufacturers can also have machines to calculate the pellets. And after that, the measured pellets are melted and molded by using specific machinery. The pellets develop into different kinds of preform sizes such as half a liter, one liter, one and a half liter, two liters, etc. After molding, the plastic preforms are sent for post-mold cooling.


2. The blow molding process:

After the injection molding process, there is another step involved in manufacturing plastic bottles for the beverage industry, and that step is known as a blow-molding process. Under the blow molding process, the preforms that are produced through the injection molding process are heated. Along with being heated, the preforms are stretched and inflated.


The preforms are heated, stretched, and inflated to shape the preforms to a specific or desired plastic container or a plastic water or soda bottle. For conducting the blow molding process, the plastic bottle manufacturers use the latest blow mold technology. Custom molds are also used for shaped containers.


3. Details about the manufactured bottles:

The plastic bottles that the plastic bottle manufacturers will produce using the two steps above the plastic bottle production process will be then filled and then sent for co-packaging. The latest machinery that the plastic bottle manufacturers will use can manufacture various sizes of plastic bottles. And the types of machinery used for plastic bottle production are so well designed that they can reduce the entire production process to a great extent.


The produced plastic bottles will be supplied to the designated factories where the plastic bottle filling and branding process will start. For example, suppose the plastic bottle manufacturers sent their produced plastic bottles to a particular brand or company's soda factory. The company's soda factory will fill in their beverage in the plastic bottles and begin with the branding process.


Under the branding process, the soda company or brand's name will get pasted on the plastic bottles' body, and the bottles will then be sealed. The plastic bottles will get supplied to the market, and from there, the consumers can purchase the soda or water plastic bottles of their chosen brand.  


Final Words 

So, you are now very well aware of how the plastic bottles you see on the market everywhere and every day are made. If you are thinking of starting your brand of soda or water, you will need to get in touch with such a plastic bottle manufacturer who can manufacture plastic bottles for your brand.


Checking out their work processes and whether they follow the injection-molding or blow-molding process is essential. Every company follows a stipulated method, and you must know about them. Choosing the leading company is vital, and that's what will help you get the desired results.


One such plastic bottle manufacturer is Pacific Allied Products Ltd. Plastic Allied Products Ltd. is a leading plastic bottle manufacturer company located in Hawaii. They are highly popular for their work and high-quality products.

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