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How vehicle wash bays are helping the environment

How vehicle wash bays are helping the environment

The vehicle cleaning industry is amongst many that have a major impact in polluting the environment’s natural state. Vehicle washing influences the natural environment in a very bad way which if left unchecked can result in deadly consequences in the long run.

Filthy water from vehicle wash bays containing cleanser, soap, buildup from exhaust fumes, fuel, substantial metals from rust, and engine oils can wash off vehicles and stream straight into the storm drains and into the closest spring or stream where it can harm water quality and natural life.

The phosphates from the cleanser can make an overabundance of algae which can imbalance natural ecosystems.

What usually happens.

Washing your vehicle on a hard surface can permit the polluted or dirty wash water and other contaminants, similar to oil and grease, to run off into the nearby water channel.

The most cleanser contains phosphates and different synthetic substances that, in huge sums can pollute your drinking water making it unpotable, also may end up having devastating effects on natural life-like killing fishes and other aquatic life and plants.

In such cases, it is always necessary to know the pros and cons of the actions. Any harmful act may lead to huge loss for no reason at all.

Technology plays a part in benefiting the environment.

Technologies that nurture with nature are the best ones. Sustainability is the need of the hour and today’s times. Wash bay tech has reformed the standard vehicle washing experience.

High pressured water and steam permit vehicles to be cleaned utilizing very little and less water per vehicle, with basically no water wastage.

New, better, eco-accommodating cleaning solutions are made each year, delivering exemplary cleansers and chemicals for vehicle washing purposes.

Professional service is better for the environment as well as for individuals.

Apart from being efficient in getting the job done and saving a lot of elbow grease and time, all car wash facilities that utilize wash bays considerably use less water than a run of the mill home vehicle wash and, in particular, are commanded by all districts to discard the wastewater through the sanitary sewer framework.

Various examinations have been done that show that professional vehicle washers who use wash bays normally use less water than the normal private vehicle washer.

Wash bays are furnished with high-pressure, low stream spouts that control the exact measure of water utilized on a vehicle. Numerous expert carwashers reuse their water and reuse it on numerous occasions in the carwash cycle. Wastewater at the car wash is additionally treated in the wash bay before being released into the sewer framework and by and large, is cleaner than the normal wastewater that is released into our Sanitary Sewer Systems.


Vehicle wash bays are necessary in our dream and vision of a better nation and environment. The way they contribute in reducing water pollution makes them a must.

So, as a responsible citizen, we must do our bit in promoting such initiatives and wash bays as much as we can. Let the environment sustain.