Tuesday, September 26, 2023
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Video marketing is a modern digital marketing method devised to promote and proclaim the features of the product or services you provide. One can also use it to spread awareness about a particular subject and also leverage it for entertainment purposes as well. High-quality video content provides a crystal-clear idea about the product or service.


            It is always better to show how something works than to tell. Video marketing proves to be paramount for digital marketing. The following are some of the most convincing points that make us believe the fact that video marketing will soon rule over other marketing methods.

  1. According to WHO, the COVID-19 pandemic started on 19th December in Wuhan, China. Today, in 2020, an 80% increase in video consumption has been experienced as compared to what it was before the outbreak.
  2. An average person is expected to spend two hours watching videos by the year 2022 on a daily basis. This means that 82% of content seekers will be interested in watching videos.
  3. A test on Facebook was performed between a display or text ad and an ad that was shown during a video to have a contrast of the number of clicks for each type of advertisement. The results were quite shocking since the ads during a video got 480% more clicks than that of a text ad.
  4. YouTube, an online video-sharing platform, claims that over a billion hours are watched daily in over 100 countries and 80 languages by people of 18-34 years of age.
  5. Google Research shows that 55% of buyers prefer online shopping and watch videos to decide what to purchase.
  6. HubSpot says that 72% of customers get an idea of the product by watching a video about it. Moreover, 50% of internet users look for videos about a product before searching it in a store.
  7. There are 39% more chance that public will share your content if you promote your product through a video.
  8. Forrester published a report saying that the support time of financial support companies is reduced to half. Furthermore, customers tend to share ads if it is video content with a 39% increased chance.
  9. LinkedIn reports that video advertisements earn 30% more than that of non-video ads.
  10. The 5G Economics of Entertainment Report commissioned by Intel predicts that video marketing can shoot to cover up to 90% of all 5G traffic.

            Video marketing is a skill that everyone should perfect themselves in. In the coming days, vacancies will be impending for digital marketers and particularly video marketers. Hence, video marketers will be on call.


            Before we jump on to discussing the strategy of video marketing that can help you win more consistent conversions, we feel it sound to discuss the types of videos you can make to advertise your product.


            Explainer videos are there to help the audience understand why they need a particular product. In an explainer video, you can present the uses of the product or services and how it affects society. You can also consult those who can make an explainer video for you. The purpose of an explainer video production company is to provide an entrepreneur with a perfect explainer video using their tactics, knowledge, and experience.


            A demo video is where you show exactly how a certain product works. It helps customers to get to know what they will be doing with your product and if it fits their standards. It is usually an informative and engaging video that reveals online product testing. Prospects are more likely to get attracted to a product when they see how it functions.


            Animated videos make your product descriptions easy-to-understand. You can explain the concept to the customer who wants to buy your product or service with ease by creating imaginative media and providing the client with quality video content. These types of videos need expertise in the field of video animation.


            Live videos can give you a helping hand to help gravitate more customers towards your product. Engagement rates tend to be higher for live videos as people can ask questions and comment queries. A survey report, performed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, reveals a 47% surge in live streaming videos within a year.


            Customer testimonial videos encourage people to buy a product or service by showing an interview or presenting a review with a client who already had an experience with the company. This is an effective method to convert prospects into customers.


            Marketing is all about presentation and demonstration. Video marketing requires a profound knowledge of advertising tactics to gravitate more and more clients. 

            We have defined a 3-step strategy that can give the startup a boom in the market.

1.    Research:

            It is a marketing tactic that needs close inspection of the product as well as the customer demands and requires sheer focus with a clear vision. This is where market segmentation helps. Market segmentation is just a division of clients and customers into groups based on similar traits, for example, age, interest, locations, etc. 

            Knowing your audience is the key to segment your market and share what you think is suitable for that particular market. Drawing attention towards your product or service is a task that is hard-to-grasp. You may need expert advice and supervision to accomplish this milestone.

            We suggest consulting an explainer video production company to ease the workload and leave the rest to the experts if you are new to the field.

2.    Target:

            Once you know your audience, the second step would be to target that audience. You can start by making any type of marketing video to present your idea. Make sure it is relevant, elegant, and effective. 

            People don’t want to spend time on long and detailed videos. Any excessive and immoderateinformation will create boredom. Also, video content should be moderate and easy-to-understand. Attract your customers through live sessions and interviews and provide the necessary information online.

3.    Convert:

            This process of turning visitors or window shoppers into customers is called conversion. The better you present, the more potential customers you will make. 

            Choosing a suitable platform to display is yet another important decision that demands keen considerations. Online video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram are the most demanding when it comes to video marketing.

            Quality products and services with perfect delivery and promotion will bring you monetary compensation and financial remuneration. There are software available in the market that can help you create a video of your own according to your liking. These software provide the facility of editing and customizing to meet the needs.


            Keeping in view the advancements in technology, we emphasize that the future of marketing is through online video presentations. Learning the skill of video making and editing is thus a necessity as video marketing is ranked number one marketing priority.

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