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How Wearable & IoT Technology Are Making The Jobsite Safer

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No matter how careful and diligent crew members are, a construction site is dangerous. Using delineators, incorporating hi-vis equipment and vests, and using safety equipment, can only help make the site and crew a little safer.

But the use of IoT (internet of things) and the right technology advancements are making sites and crews much safer. More so than any equipment we've previously seen on construction sites in the past.

The reason for this is that much of this equipment helps to prevent and helps spot issues before they occur. So, crews are safer, and managers can help let their employees know what to avoid rather than talk about it after the fact. So, what are the ways technology is making the job site safer?

It's training crew members

One of the biggest things you'll see today is the use of AR and VR, augmented, and virtual reality. These tools are not used on job sites; instead, they are used to train employees. With this equipment and technology, managers can

  • Put their crew members in a specific situation and let them figure out the best approach to handle it
  • Find ways to teach from previous mistakes that were made
  • Highlight dangers, without actually putting the crew in danger

Since they are using wearable technology, and are not actually on the job site, there is no risk of danger or putting others around them in danger.

Instead, it is a way to teach them how to act, react, and how to avoid doing something that might otherwise have put the crew in danger. It's a great training tool, and it is a great way to help teams prevent what might have been a massive issue in the past on job sites.

Improve Machines

With more control of machines, it is easier to avoid a mishap or an accident on a construction site.

There are technologies today that allow construction teams to do the work in less time and with fewer errors. Using machines in places where people were previously used are one of the ways to help reduce accidents on the job.

For example, if there is a piece of equipment that can do a task that your employees don't want to do, this is going to help improve uniformity.

It is also going to help prevent your crew members from doing a poor job, skipping steps, or taking a shortcut so that they can do the job in less time.

When you create a way to streamline, and when you are using the right equipment and machines on a job site, it is easier to get the job done in less time, and it is easier to avoid those miscalculations that were made in the past by your team members doing the work.

There's more visibility

Tracking devices, drones, and other software provide information in real-time. What does this mean? It means if someone is in danger, they can easily be found. If there are dangers that employees are moving towards, a construction manager can tell them to avoid it.

With the information in front of you, in real-time, you don't have to wait until after an accident happens. It is much easier to prevent and avoid, as opposed to reacting after something has gone wrong.

So, crews are safer, and managers can help improve figures and improve the rate at which work is done. Plus, there are many fewer accidents and injuries taking place.

The crew is safer, the worksite is a safer place, and your personnel is going to do the job properly, without having to worry about errors or mishaps getting in the way.

More and more crews are accepting IoT and other technologies. Not only because they are helping to make worksites safer for employees and teams, but also because they are making the jobs that were difficult in the past, much more comfortable to complete.

If you have had workplace injuries in recent months, it is essential to take the right steps to prevent them in the future. Using the right technology is a great way to do this, and it is also a simple way to ensure your workers are being utilized in a way that highlights their specialized skills on the construction site.

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