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How Will Europe Make Its Low-carbon Economy Sustainable

The European Union wants to reduce Carbon emission by at least 40% by 2030. If they succeed, Europe will be on the track to meet the Paris Agreement. It was an international agreement that took place in Paris in 2015. The countries that were present in the agreement signed up for taking part in making our earth more habitable through reducing carbon emission.

But the new research numbers show that it will not be enough. We cannot make it to the 2-degree agreement. The economy is shifting from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy technology faster than ever. So, there is a lot to explore like the games in No matter if you’re at home or somewhere else and need to pass your time, this is the website you should visit to try your luck!

How are the coming days going to be? More importantly, how can progress be sustainable? The answers to these questions are crucial to address. Because, in the process of saving the environment, if Europe falls behind commercially than other countries, then sustainable environmental-friendly solutions will not be sustainable for them.

Research and Ideas

Europe is the home of the world’s most renowned universities and research centers. We have to intensify research in the search for greener technology and invent more environment-friendly products.

Replacing existing construction materials would be a very challenging task for all nations. This is going to be a gradual process. We have to overcome the technological limits and find a convincing way to build our houses.

Ice is melting faster than ever, causing more disasters. But scientists say that our future battles are against viruses. Science is only one way to defeat them. 


  • Carbon pricing

The EU introduced a carbon pricing policy in 2005 successfully. The cap-and-trade system worked inside the EU effectively. It is still a challenge to implement this policy at the domestic level, strongly.

The Covid-19 may endanger this long-term policy. We have to get back in shape as a whole group. 

Also, if we don’t include the global trade here, the policy may not sustain. The inclusion of international organization in policymaking may solve this issue. 

A regulatory body should be established for monitoring. They would record progress. That will make sure that the policy is effective.

  • Domestic initiatives

The governments are already promoting renewable energy technology for generating electricity. Research in search of potential renewable energy sites is underway. There will be jobs available in those sectors.

We have to train people and turn them into skilled and efficient manpower. The jobs will give shape to the economy.

The government has to finance rural inhabitants for the socio-economic opportunities in the green economy. The enterprises can be provided incentives for promoting the businesses.

Trees keep our environment healthy and livable. It protects biodiversity. Tree plantation campaigns should be introduced more frequently.

Lithium-ion batteries are now cheaper than ever. It can be a motivation for people to replace fossil fuel vehicles with green transportation. And there are green vehicles too. These will help countries reach low-carbon emission goal.

We have to counter ocean acidification by recycling the waste. Protecting the marine ecosystem with improved technology is a prime task. We have to take care of our sea. That way, the fish-trading will be alive again.

Monitoring green devastation on a regional level can save forests.  

  • Man-to-man Level Objectives

People and animals are liable for a quarter of the world’s carbon emission for their food habit. We have to transform our food habits into a healthy diet. We also have to make sure the domestic animals do that too. 

We have to encourage the population for reducing pollution on a man-to-man level. They have to reshape the habits for ensuring energy efficiency, i.e, discouraging plastic usage, reducing unnecessary usage of thermostat and AC.

Smarter agricultural management is now technologically feasible. We can produce secure food that would not require too much land and sunlight. The forest can be reserved now. 

The green economy is soon going to take over the combustion engine economy. We have to encourage people to invest in renewable energy sectors.

  • Eliminating Misinformation

Renewable energy technology has some drawbacks. But there is misinformation everywhere. The picture drawn by the policymakers says that green technology is too costly to bear. In reality, the price is getting lower every year.

There is an information gap among the inhabitants about the overview of the green economy. The actual news is to be ensured for gradual success.

We have to highlight the environment-related casualties as much as possible. That is going to bring out future policies and research ideas.

What Experts Say

There’s a commission named the European Commission that works on the action plans of the European Union’s raw materials.

Peter Handley, an expert from that commission, said that diversification is the secret to make the sustainable environment plan effective. The supply of raw and sustainable materials has to be boosted through well-thought action plans.

The source of the raw materials has to be vast and wide. EU has to find numerous countries that will provide the raw materials. Also, the resources that the EU currently needs to be put to proper use as well. And, through ‘urban mining’, the raw materials which are present already have to be ramped up and put to proper use.

Without making sure that the current resources are being properly used, the EU can’t ask for a sustainable future by only collecting raw materials from other countries.

Bottom Line


Europe has to play a role model in building a green economy in front of the world. From vehicle recharge stations to artificial foods; the green economy is an inevitable revolution. That will not be possible if the policymakers use the Covid-19 excuses. As the economy starts shifting towards a green economy, people will continue to adapt to it. We have to solve the current situation and we cannot get distracted. Working as a team is now more significant than ever.

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