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How Will The COVID-19 Impact The Future of Education?

COVID 19 is a type of virus that causes severe respiratory problems among people with any disease beforehand. This virus started from china and now it has impacted the whole world along with their economies and future education of the students as all the system has shifted online and for some people, its successful and other rest are not satisfied with this type of education and it’s not successful for them. As all the schools around the world have shifted to an online system so now parents, students, and even teachers are wondering what will be the means of education in near future and how will the system of education go. While it is able to seem difficult to predict how the future will spread at some stage in such unsure times, a number of the most innovative work taking place around us can guide us in our questioning.

Digital Education

Digital education is catching up with the speed and replacing the traditional classroom-style education. Digital education was viewed as a free version of getting an education and also a second-best option for the purpose to get an education. But now some institutes have started using the digital medium as a source of earning money and by this the students who have limited resources like the students from such areas who don’t have access to such medium and by this their education is affected. Also, some institutes demand a fee to teach their students online and if they don’t pay fees their name is stuck out. Not simplest is the arena facing a pandemic; however, at this moment we also are in the midst of digitizing every industry and issue of our society. This manner may elements of our lives that were once separate will now converge and this pandemic is absolutely accelerating that technique.

Concerns of Parents

While a great deal of the students will likely return to high school after the pandemic dies down (considering the fact that schools are a cornerstone of private kids development and a form of daycare for working dad and mom), the difference will be that online learning can also be ideal and credible in the future. While we formerly noticed a minority of dad and mom homeschool their kids, we may additionally see a far larger range in the future, particularly if households find out or invent different approaches for kids to socialize and for parents to paintings at some stage in the pandemic.

Future of Students

Parents are worried about the future of their children more because of this technical online education as students don’t pay that much attention to their studies as they have attended in the class and they don’t take these online classes seriously as they take the classes with their mood. Parents are worried that their children will be having lower achievement results when this pandemic will end, they are also concerned that the gap between the topper and mediocre students will become too high or too low. Under these circumstances, assignment help UK has taken the initiative to start online counseling for students that might release some stress and concern of the parents. Given the want to cope with these worries, the researcher determined to apply earlier test scores from millions of students and leverage research on summer season mastering patterns to make knowledgeable projections of what gaining knowledge of loss because of the pandemic would possibly seem like. Ultimately, the results were: What kind of gaining knowledge of losses may want to be expected from the shortened 2019-20 college year? Answering this query is complex via the particular instances of COVID-19. Current college closures have introduced the time that most college students already spend at home for the duration of the summer months without express face-to-face education from instructors. Meanwhile, teachers are scrambling to adapt content for an online platform and parents are juggling work responsibilities (if not joblessness) with worrying for and teaching their very own kids. Students themselves are faced with isolation, anxiety, approximately a deadly virus, and uncertainty about their destiny. In so many ways, the contemporary state of affairs is remarkable for the general public alive nowadays.

According to the Research

During research it was examined how a lot more variable fulfillment is probably within the fall—that is, how wide the range in success might be between very high and really low-acting college students. This variety has implications for whether teachers can offer similar content to all college students in their lecture rooms, or if they could want to in addition differentiate training based on a broader variety of desires. Future education due to COVID-19 is also affected for those students greatly who wanted to go to other countries for getting an education as the virus is still active so somewhat their parents will not agree and the other thing the universities will not accommodate those students in hostels as due to the fear of the spread of the virus. So this COVID-19 has disturbed everyone’s life greatly. Everyone is uncertain about their future but every country should take possible steps to save their students' future.


Covid-19 have changed the dynamics of all the industries and similarly the education industry has also faced the consequences. In order to continue with education, the industry has taken the initiative to pursue online classes. There are certainly some issues while conducting online classes but credit must be given to the teachers, students and parents to take this initiative and ensure that the studies are not interrupted for a long period of time. Further, this transformation has also given a new opportunity for the educational institutes to consider this option for permanent basis. 


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