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How WordPress Plugins Can Improve Website Performance


In 2020, WordPress plugins are essential features on almost all websites. The site does more than just provide plugins. It can also be an instrumental part in facilitating a successful crowdfunding campaign. The point is, there is great versatility here, and you need to tap into it—but figuring out how isn’t always directly evident.

So look at plugins that add the necessary functionality to your site. You’ll likely find them. The reason WordPress plays such an integral part in over 2 million sites is that it simplifies content management while effectively facilitating it in a dependable way, in part through plugins. Consider some statistics and make a first move.

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Each of those articles will have to be around 500 or more words—you can do less, but it won’t be as effective statistically. That’s over 300,000 words a year if posting around 1.6 posts per day. Managing that volume of data can be difficult. You’ve got to be able to use most of the information in a database, or it’s useless.

Unpredictable Futures

Here’s the thing: some pieces you write and disseminate throughout guest blogs will be trendy, some will be evergreen. Evergreen blog posts are continually applicable. For example, relationship advice, financial advice, health advice, tech articles which relate to broad trends which concern historically continuous phenomena like Moore’s Law—these things will always be searched for, and so will always be relevant.

But things like movies, music, burgeoning technology, and political trends are going to change in seemingly random patterns. Sometimes a film franchise like Star Wars will be the “king of the hill”, as it were, for decades; then one film in the series will be terrible and the franchise, in a matter of months, will erode and die. Sometimes it will fluctuate.

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Sometimes that which seems entirely untenable will suddenly grow to dominate culture. Consider viral videos like “Charlie bit my finger!”. That was just somebody taking a home movie, and it was dropped on the internet at the right time to become an international sensation. That short video is “evergreen”. It will always have some relevance, because it hearkens to the cute innocence of children—plus that kid had an adorable English accent impossible to ignore.

Add Relevant Categories to Improve Search

With your blogs, some will actually gain momentum unexpectedly, and some which you expect to make wide circulation will tread water and disappear to your disappointment. You’ve got to manage your blogs, and repost them as necessary. But you can’t appear spammy. Well blended, unique and responsive WordPress web design is mandatory today. It has to represent your idea and visual identity even before people start learning about you. 

Without some system of categorization, you’re going to repeat yourself and annoy potential clients. That or you’ll just waste your energies unnecessarily.

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Save Time And Money

With WordPress plugins, you can not only manage your content, but you can optimize it so that it has the greatest impact on the market going forward. Solutions like this are affordable, easy to use, essential, and can truly profit businesses large and small.

With your website, look into content management solutions of this kind which can expediently and conveniently help you maintain your forward operations. Additionally, take a gander at how competitors are using such content management, and how they disseminate it. Finally, look into sourcing professional assistance. It’s certainly possible to reinvent the wheel, but why do that when you can save time and money while experiencing better success simply by using the tools available?

It is important to note that sometimes you will be in a situation to decide between PlugIn or another platform. This is common if you are creating an e-commerce platform. If you find yourself in this situation, read Shopify vs Squarespace guide that might help you clarify things. On this post you can find benefits and issues that you can face when choosing one or another of those options.

Which Plugin is the Best for You?

This is a rhetorical question - You need to figure it out by yourself (or by your PM team). Don’t blindly follow the other website’s examples. Don’t be lazy - do a research and find out what you want to “say” with your site. That way, you will find out how to say it properly, and how to spread that info to your target group!

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