How Working with a Real Estate Agent can Benefits You?


Real estate sales can turn out to be a lengthy and complicated process. A broker can help with this problem. Find out all about the advantages that are offered to you when concluding a brokerage contract.

The range of services of a real estate agent:

Hiring a broker makes real estate selling much easier, because the range of tasks of a broker covers much more than just the sale on the spot. Some sellers choose not to hire a broker. These property owners should be sure that they are qualified to handle the sales process on their own. The real estate agent performs tasks that are usually time-consuming and require specific skills. The necessary expertise in the real estate industry or the creation of a meaningful synopsis is examples of this. In addition, it belongs to the range of services of brokers to take care of the following things:

  • Valuation and property valuation when selling a property.
  • Procurement and preparation of the necessary documents for the property such as energy pass, land register excerpts, floor plans, property tax assessment, etc.
  • Advice on construction and contract law of real estate.
  • Creation and, if necessary, processing of high-quality property images of the property.
  • Creation of a representative, appealing and advertising effective expose.
  • Determination of the target group and development of a marketing strategy.
  • Selection and selection of the interested parties.
  • Organization, execution and coordination of viewing appointments.
  • Conducting sales negotiations when selling the property.
  • Credit check (solvency) of the buyer.
  • Preparation of the notary contract and vote of the notary appointment.
  • An organized and smooth handover of the property.
  • Follow-up.

At the center of the service of a real estate agent is not only the sale, but also the customer service. Finally, the appearance of a broker can have a major impact on the decision of the potential buyer. But the brokerage contract is not only worthwhile for the buyer.

Real estate value is often overestimated:

Sellers often have an emotional attachment to their property, especially if they once lived in the property. This often leads to a misjudgment regarding the expected sale price of the property. As can be seen from the results of the survey that 42 percent of all property owners estimated the value of their property too high. Four out of ten of those who misjudged their value were 20 to even 40 percent above the realistic expected sales price. The problem: A too high price can deter potential buyers. This also applies if the seller is prepared to negotiate. The trained eye of a agent helps with the expectation management and accelerates the sales process. 

False modesty becomes a loss of money:

It also happens that owners value the value of their property less than it actually is. In just over ten percent of the cases owners have estimated the selling price of their property too low. Every eighth of his estimate was 20 to 40 percent below the selling price of comparable properties. A real estate owner who misjudges this way loses money. You can also take help from any expert like Larry Weltman. For over a decade Larry Weltman Toronto has advised the real estate industry on various fronts where he has expertise and where agents have needs.

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