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How Yoga Enhances Students Concentration

Yoga is an age-old practice that was devised by ancient yogis in India. These yogis wanted to find a way to reach the depths of human existence that was beyond the forms of personality, behavior and notions of spirituality. By the alignment of the physical body and the mind, through the process of breath control they realized that they could reach this depth in as a human.

In today’s date yoga has travelled from India and into the wide world that has truly witnessed the benefits if this wholesome practice. The numbers that are joining the World Yoga Association tells us of the same.

If you have started on the journey of yoga, and reaped the benefits, you may have realized that you experience this urge to share it with others. It’s time for you to become a yoga teacher. To become a certified yoga teacher, you must attend a 200 hour yoga teacher training course from a certified institution. Yoga teacher training in Thailand is one such place that helps you with your journey as a yoga teacher. Yoga retreats in Chiang Mai , Thailand, offers a yoga vacation of your dreams. You train for becoming a yoga teacher amidst the cool sea breezes and the paradise islands of Chiang Mai.

Out of the many benefits of practicing yoga routinely, the following ailments diminish instantly:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Blood pressure
  • Back pains
  • Rigidity of the body

And many renowned medical institutions around the world that have performed studies and research on yoga and its workings, have shown that it has positive benefits on many chronic illnesses such as asthma, multiple sclerosis, carpal tunnel syndrome and diseases related to the heart.

These were just some introductory benefits to practicing yoga. But how does yoga help students with their focus and concentration?

Meditation helping with concentration

Yoga has limbs that are a major aspect of an authentic yoga session. One of these limbs is meditation. The practice of Meditation directly helps a student with the increase of their attention-span, with a sharper focus and an improved memory holding capacity.

Meditation is true senses in the under-dog in, the practice of yoga in a complete cycle. According to Richard Davidson who is the director at the laboratory of affective neurosciences in the University of Wisconsin, “attention is the key to learning, and meditation helps you voluntarily regulate it”.

Yoga uplifting mood

What yoga also does that helps improve concentration is that, it enhances the mood of the practitioner. It improves the mood by decreasing the anxiety levels and helping fight depression caused by a monotonous classroom situation. A student could be sitting in a stressful classroom situation, unable to pick on the things being taught. But with the easy practice of Pranayama yoga, which focuses on breath-control, the stress will be gone in a matter of minutes. And one does not need a yoga mat to perform Pranayama; you could be sitting in the classroom itself and practicing a recharging form of yoga. This helps you instantly retain focus and vigor to learn.

Yoga also helps uplift stress from a student.

The number 1 cause of not being able to pay attention, retain memory and focus for a student is the stress that is caused by so many factors surrounding them. Be it the number of chapters they have to complete, the assignment pressure, the examination pressure of the pressure of the fact that you may not have understood certain things taught in the class, all cause extensive levels of stress. While in the middle of a stressful episode, it gets very hard to learn and return to the routine of studying.

Yoga alleviates stress, leading to a sense of balance and mental clarity. Yoga also helps curb stress related issues like stress-eating and keeps the digestive system healthy as one’s body is prepared to receive the foods that are truly nourishing. A student can study and receive knowledge much better and in entirety if they are stress-free, at peace with their mind with a strengthened body to host this knowledge. If you are a student who is not doing so well, because of the stress that you take from your studies, it’s time you start with simple yogic exercises every day. And see for yourself the benefits of giving a mere 1 hour of your day to practicing yoga.

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