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How You Can Always Look Like the Boss

You are in charge of your life and career. Command respect in every situation and you will find success.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe

It has been said that you should dress for the job you want not the job you have. This means that you should upgrade your wardrobe to more closely match what your superiors are wearing. Take this advice to heart but don't overdo it, especially if your office dress code is more casual. Even if this is the case you should still be clean-cut and professional. Wear clothes that are appropriately tailored and keep the accessories to a minimum.

Stand out for your job performance not your novelty brooch collection. Pay attention to what the other members of the leadership team are wearing. Dress on their level and even a little bit above it. When you are the boss you want to make sure that you are cultivating a focused and productive atmosphere. Clothes often match peoples' attitudes about their jobs. Your team should feel empowered to dress in a way that reflects their personality so they are excited to work with and for you.

Drive the Right Car the Right Way

The unfortunate reality is that your appearance doesn't stop at the office door. Your colleagues may judge you by what you drive. In this situation you should follow the same principles as the outfits you wear. Don't exceed your budget and don't be a show-off, but drive a boss car. Choose a car that matches your position within the company. An SUV is a good standard vehicle that also looks incredibly snazzy. Keep it maintained both inside and out. You don't want to be embarrassed by your messiness if a colleague needs to ride with you. Get yourself into the boss mindset from the moment you step into your car and drive to work. Leave road rage behind. Pick a motivational tape full of affirmations about success. Repeat them to yourself throughout the day.

Act Like It

How you dress and what you drive both go a long way. Your desire to be the boss should also match your behavior. Conduct yourself appropriately in all situations. Master the art of email etiquette. Always use a short subject line. Use your company email for work correspondence only. Use the dreaded "reply all" function as sparingly as possible.

Limit your signature line to a few relevant details. Edit your behavior beyond the inbox as well. Don't swear. Carry yourself with confidence and good posture. Pay attention to the meetings you lead. Is everyone getting a chance to talk? Are they dragging on too long? Know when to take things "offline" to keep meetings from veering off-topic. Remember and acknowledge the people who got you this far. You couldn't be the boss without help from others along the way. Consider taking on a mentor role so you can pay it forward.

You want people to take you seriously. Trust yourself first. You are the boss for a reason.

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