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How You Can Create Digital Mileage Receipts?

When we talk about receipts our consciousness takes us on mileage log books. Small businesses get slipped up on methods to write a receipt. MakeReceipt is your liberator in terms of creating the important records easily and keeping them safe.

What is MakeReceipt?

MakeReceipt is the receipt generator especially designed by experts for the vehicle user. They are easy to use and one can simply access them on gadgets like smartphone or desktop.

MakeReceipt helps in keeping the receipts related to business safe, secure, and up to date to be used later at the time of tax deduction as a document proof for IRS.

It allows the business to prepare the receipt and one can also create a personalized brand by adding the logo on the receipts and send it to the client by downloading the PDF format and post it or the digital copy of it directly via email.

These receipt generators are compatible to the smartphone and the printer and bring real time accessibility. One can track the invoice by giving the view track and will give the notification when the client checks the invoice. This gives the glance and the business owner will not be confused whether the client has checked it or not.

MakeReceipt generators are amazing to use as it automatically saves the new receipt in the receipts list. Which helps to provide the documentation proof to the client and are helpful during tax deductions?

Even if one is providing outsource services by using his vehicle, he can easily create the receipt by filling up the fields that include hours, hourly rate and MakeReceipt will sort the amount to be charged from the client.

Makereceipt is the helping hand to every individual or business to create a harmony during trips and hassle-free environment at the time of tax deduction by never lose any update and record.

Benefits to use MakeReceipt

     The App will save time as well items and make them available whenever access.

     Easy to use and can change receipts to invoices on a click.

     It saves time by organizing the receipts.

 One can print the receipts from printer and smartphone from these professionally designed receipt templates.

     Gives a glance of the business.

     Can track the receipt while sending to the client.

     Get real-time notification when the client checks the receipt.

     This tool helps to make a professional image to the clients.

How to create a receipt

MakeReceipt helps the users on how to create receipts and save time and manage and organize these receipts. By using a receipt generator anyone can use them efficiently.

Guidelines to create a receipt like a pro:

     Add the important details that include the company name, email address, address, and phone number.

     Create the record about the client including name, phone number, email, and address

     Record the details of line items and describe them including purpose, rate, and quantity.

     Finish the receipt with the invoice number, and date.

     Download it in PDF form or send it through the mail to the customer.


MakeReceipt makes it easy to create and use the receipts related to mileage log by generating the professional templates especially designed for the business purpose and are according to the IRS standard. It will save the owner from losing any tri detail and is also very easy to access. Now, no one needs to carry those log books to record and save it personally. MakeReceipt is there to help and provide the record anytime, anywhere as per requirement.

Use Makereceipt and work in a stress-free environment to enjoy the trip fully and save some extra bucks from the taxation by providing these receipts.

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