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How You Can Easily Select the Proper Bin Lifter for Your Requirements: What to Consider

The right bin lifter can make a huge amount of difference to your refuse collection and waste management process, but when choosing the proper bin lifter, you have to take more than a few factors into consideration. Bin lifters are incredibly useful and even necessary for the safety of your workers and your business’ operational efficiency, and when you select the ideal one, you may even be able to save money and benefit from better business expansion and a better reputation. But how can you select the proper bin lifter for your requirements? Here’s what you should consider.

Step 1: figure out the weight as well as the size of your wheelie bins and how often you need to tip

When it comes to choosing the proper bin lifters, you can choose from various models or units which include 80 litres, 120 litres, 140 litres, and as much as 240 litres which can weigh anywhere between 30 kilograms to as much as 250 kilograms. These bin lifters can also come as assisted lifting units, and you can use these up to as many as two times a day, or you can also opt for powered hydraulic models or units which you can easily lift as well as tilt throughout the entire day.

Step 2: figure out how many times you will tip in one day

An assisted-lift bin lifter will be able to lift a specific weight as safely as possible, but they will still require some manual exertion when it comes to tipping. It is recommended that you use them only between two to ten times per day and per person, based on the model you select. If you require more frequent tipping, you can instead go for more advanced bin lifters, which are especially powered and which are able to lift more weight more frequently without any risk of straining.

Step 3: figure out the height of the skip bin or dumpster

You also have to figure out the height of the skip bin or dumpster into which you will be tipping, but the good news here is that you can choose from between 1500 to 1800 millimetre skip bins as well.

Step 4: figure out the work and space requirements of your bin lifter

For this, you have two basic options: full-swing bin lifters and lift-and-tilt bin lifters, as confirmed by binlift and RCV hire experts from CP Davidson. The full-swing bin lifter has a full swinging path, as its name implies, and this makes them more suitable for controlled environments where you don’t have to contend with too much pedestrian access or where access by pedestrians is restricted. A full-swing bin lifter may also need enhanced height clearance in order to operate compared to a lift-and-tilt unit, so the full-swing bin lifter may not be a good choice for areas with low ceilings like underground parking garages and basements. Lift-and-tilt bin lifters, meanwhile, are highly suitable for areas such as retail centres and schools, and they are also suitable for areas or places where you cannot easily restrict access to the public. The lifting and tilting action is less than that of the full-swing bin lifter, and the footprint of the lift-and-tilt unit is therefore smaller. 

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