How You Can Promote Your Photography Business On Social Media


So much of what we consider as the basics of photography centers on equipment and technologies. We often neglect that the very essence of photography is visual. Since photography is such a visual tool, we can also strive for more avenues to show our work to others, and indeed, sell ourselves to the maximum degree of our capability (and beyond) by utilizing the marvelous enigma born out of the age of the Internet. Very well, I'm talking specifically about social media.

Although there's no magic recipe to create a solid social networking profile for your photos, there are strategies you can strive to maximize the performance you're receiving by utilizing these incredible little nuggets of self-promotion.

Decide Your Content And Platform First Before Publishing

The social networking landscape has two simplistic categories: professional and personal profiles. This landscape of social media is valid no matter what kind of site you use (Facebook, Instagram, etc.).

Start a professional account to view your photos. The photos should be the subject of the business narrative that you offer to viewers. Filter the professional social media platform, which has no relationship with what you're trying to achieve, and also the kind of image you're making. Yeah, several accounts appear to break the rules somewhat and yet have a significant follow-up.

Never Mix Up The Content

If you want a personal account to keep track of the pictures of you and your antics with your mates, that's fine! Only don't mix the two of them. No one needs to see a combination of high-quality nature images interspersed with mobile phone pictures of you sitting on a bed. Okay, maybe specific individuals!  Just as a general rule, it's a smart idea to hold them apart.

Find Your Audience

Think of who you're going to reach and what platforms they're focused with, and concentrate on those platforms. Here are several questions that will help you determine what market to target.

1.      What more do you ask about your target audience?

2.      Which generation would you like to book?

3.      Are you booking more men or women?

4.      Would you like to speak to potential or current clients?

5.      Do your target audience have babies, are they in a partnership, or are they single?

Select The Right Platform

Knowing who you want to see in your photos will tell you a ton about when to upload your material. For example, wedding photographers are mostly on Instagram because brides often go there looking for inspiration. Portrait photographers often invest a lot of time on Instagram but focus primarily on stories regularly sharing to keep in the heads of prospective customers.


Without question, Facebook is one of the best social networking sites you can use to promote your business. But, if you want to utilize this platform to raise brand recognition, you need to have more than just a selection of your best pictures. Shoot for longer-form video material that Facebook favors over shorter videos. Your audience here is more likely to be Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials.

Here are a few post ideas that photographers have used:

1.      Show what goes on behind the scenes

2.      Post photos of recent shoots

3.      Link to new posts on your blog

4.      Hold contests

5.      Offer photography tips

6.      Share content that inspires you

7.      Announce specials, events, or original creations


Photographers post photos and digital prints on Instagram to generate engagement, cater to their audience (and thus obtain more of a follow-up) and market their pieces of art available for promotion. If photography is a way to raise visibility and express insight, the professional Instagram photographer claims that Instagram is a logical extension and channel by which their art can get exposed. Post any of the latest pictures, and video sneak peeks. Your demographic is likely to trend younger — expect to see Millennials and Gen Z here. Post in Instagram Stories some less refined content like behind-the-scenes. Videos perform well because they will live on screen for up to 15 seconds or more, though they are all out in 5 seconds if it is a still photo.

Use Videos To Showcase Your Content

InVideo, the quickest way to create professional-looking videos in the world, is an easy to use video editor that lets you construct professional-quality videos in minutes. This world-class platform is readily usable for creating videos showcasing your photography.

 So, what kind of videos should photographers make? Think of the subjects that interest your clients. A professional photographer, for example, can make a video that taught viewers how to appear magnificent in photos.   It's informative, shared, and useful to a broad audience.

Promote Your Social Media

When you're trying to reach a different market or attract more customers, you've got to bring some ad money on it. In other terms, if you want new customers, you may want to build advertisements, in addition to organic content. A paid advertisement that sounds overwhelming, but you will see outcomes paying only a small amount to get to the friends of the followers.

But if you're charging too much, why do you need organic posts? Organic articles help you build the right web presence and hold your name out there.

Using social media as a megaphone with your unique dream is a perfect opportunity to gain exposure to your images. Social networking is fast ranging, open, and takes the job to audiences who may not have been willing to see it otherwise. Yet you know how to use the resources you get to maximize the chances of performance. Much as the first time you've begun photography, repetition, and persistence are the secret to progress.

Gaining a robust and reliable presence in social media requires time, coupled with a touch of courage and dedication. Don't get depressed, note that any high-profile social networking juggernaut had to launch somewhere. Following these simple rules, you would have an excellent starting point where you can create your own social media photography channel.