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HR Certifications: Which is The Best Option For You

HR Certiifcations

Certifications are proof of expertise and establish the skills of those who hold them. In the same way, HR certifications are proof that an HR professional possesses the skills needed to perform their job effectively. 

Human resources have undergone a massive transformation and continue to change. For professionals to show their eagerness and commitment to their professional and establish credibility for their role, certifications are worthwhile investments. Given the ongoing changes in the human resources sector, certifications prove that they hold the latest knowledge and ready to be put to work. So it’s no wonder that certified workers earn more salary than non-certified HR professionals and have better chances of promotions.

What are the best certifications for HR professionals?

Human resources offer a multitude of roles and opportunities across various functions for a promising career. Luckily, the industry offers certification for each function and various roles of human resources.

Certification for specific roles is better suited for HR professionals who want to progress in their line of work. Broad certifications are helpful for HR professionals who want to move up in the corporate hierarchy and reach leadership positions. Role-specific Best HR certifications are offered by TMI, ATD, World at Work, HRCI and SHRM.

The following certifications are globally-recognized and stand as gold stands in their respective HR functions.

Learning and Development

1.  Associate Professional in Learning and Development (APTD): Association for Talent Development (ATD) offers this certification for learning and development professionals. APTD is meant for professionals with zero to little experience. As an APTD holder, you will demonstrate your ability to build and implement L&D programs in order to achieve organizational goals.

For mid-level L&D professionals, CPTD (Certified Professional in Talent Development) is the way to go. This is an advanced level certification for L&D professionals with extensive experience who are looking to move up in their career position and achieve leadership positions.

2. Talent Management Practitioner (TMP): This certification is offered by Talent Management Institute (TMI). Similar to APTD, this is an entry-level certification for aspiring talent management practitioners or any fresh college undergraduate looking to make their way into human resources.

In comparison to APTD, this certification demonstrates your comprehensive understanding of talent management, which includes talent acquisition, retention, and development not just learning & development, which is a small part of talent management.

STMP (Senior Talent Management Practitioner) and Global Talent Management Practitioner (GTML) are two other certifications in line with talent management, which are meant for mid-level and senior-level level professionals respectively.

Compensation and  Benefits  


1. Certified Compensation Professional (CCP): This certification is offered by World at Work, a leading certification body for total rewards professionals. CCP is proof of the holder’s ability to integrate compensation programs into a business strategy. It also establishes that the holder is well-versed with administering base and variable pay programs, compliance with legal and regulatory policies

World at Work also offers GRP ( Global Remuneration Professional) and ACCP ( Advanced Certified Compensation Professional) for senior compensation professionals who want to gain and validate their knowledge of administering global rewards programs and prove their ability to understand and implement executive compensation programs respectively.

Human resource strategy and leadership

1. Certified Professional (SHRM-CP):  SHRM offers this certification for fresh and mid-level professionals who aspire to move to higher rungs of their careers. SHRM-CP demonstrates the certification holder’s adeptness in the building and execution of HR strategy.  SHRM-CP is one of the best HR certifications for professionals who want to prepare themselves for an executive-level role in human resources.  

The institution offers Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) for senior-level professionals who have more extensive experience in the field of human resources and seek to prepare themselves for the global leadership position.

2. Professional in Human Resources (PHR): Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI) offers this certification for mid- and senior-level HR professionals. This certification is equivalent to SHRM-CP in many ways.

HRCI also offers SPHR ( Senior Professional in Human Resources Professional ) and GPHR ( Global Professional in Human Resources) for HR professionals who are looking to move into a leadership position at an organization, hold a global HR strategy role, and occupy a seat in the boardroom, respectively.

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