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Cloud Computing For Business: Applications You Need To Know About

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Cloud computing is the new buzzword in the business world. Businesses are integrating cloud services into their operations at a tremendous rate. Data security, global access, efficiency, and customized business solution are some obvious reasons why cloud services are in high demand.

For example, small companies are embracing cloud computing services to expand their data storage space and enhance files sharing internally with workers and externally with customers. Indeed, cloud computing has established new applications. Below are some cloud applications that are ideal for businesses.

  • Online File storage

File storage is one of the most important applications for cloud computing. Businesses can store any file on the cloud, including presentations, images, videos, and documents. Note: cloud computing allows easy files storage and retrieval.

If you need to restrict accessibility, you can make private cloud services more secure. Maximum cloud storage varies depending on the service provider. It worth noting that businesses only pay for storage space they are consuming. Examples of platforms that allow a business to upload and download files include rapid share, MegaUpload, and Yourfilehost.

  • Back-Up

While you can back up files to your hard drives or computer, they are susceptible to damage when fire and flood occurs. More so, those files are susceptible to virus damage. Businesses can use cloud computing as a back up to store data, information, and files. Cloud service provides a solution to back up data in a remote, safe and secure environment. It offers a simplified way to back up important data.

Additionally, backing up data in Cloud is easy and less time-consuming. Also, you can share the data with employees and board members if need to. Backing up data in the cloud allows automatic scheduling. The availability of the stored files is also guaranteed. Businesses can't exceed cloud storage capacity.

The data is protected with heightened security. If data is lost, the business can recover it from the cloud. You only need to dispatch data automatically to the desired location.

  • Recovery

Cloud computing offers an ideal platform for safeguarding important business data for future recovery. Businesses can recover data, files, and programs from the cloud in the event of data loss, virus attack, calamities like fire or floods. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. With cloud computing, data recovery is cheaper, effective, and faster.

  • Development and Testing

Cloud computing offers an ideal environment for developing and testing processes of programs before putting them into use. This involves gathering physical assets, human resources, time, and financial plan. It enables staff to identify and correct problems through a combination of virtual and physical resources. You can take aws solution architect exam to learn more development and testing processes in cloud computing.

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Businesses are increasingly in depend on IaaS to cut costs on IT infrastructure investments and maintenance. In IaaS, you only pay while using their services. With IaaS, Businesses can offer clients cloud computing infrastructure to host their cloud services. Similarly, they can sell third party infrastructure to a client to create websites and consequently promote their services and products.

  • Platform as a service (PaaS)

PaaS helps businesses to build great apps without necessarily worrying about operating systems and infrastructure. Programing environments, servers, and development tools are readily available through Cloud. You do not have to undergo the expenses and complexity of creating them in-house. PaaS is cost-effective and enhances flexibility and speed.

  • Ecommerce application

Cloud-based eCommerce application helps businesses to take advantage of emerging opportunities. Such is because businesses can respond quite faster to both opportunities and challenges.

After evaluating opportunities, business leaders can make things happen faster using eCommerce applications in the cloud. Still, in business evaluation, business leaders should try solutions associate practice exams that come with hands-on labs, because they give your staff members useful skills for cloud e-commerce application.

Conclusion Cloud computing allows businesses to focus their efforts on core businesses by outsourcing computing services. These services provide useful solutions to companies and individuals at a minimum cost. These insights on cloud computing should provide an incentive to adopt these services instead of traditional alternatives.

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