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Huge Demand for Salesforce Developer in 2020

salesforce developers demands in 2020

Basically, getting hired is simpler when you know Salesforce.”

The demand for Salesforce Developer is going to increase more than ever. The jobs and experience with these job skills are also growing. Let us dive deep into these thoughts with this write-up!

The career of a Salesforce Developer
Salesforce Developer is responsible for making each project immaculate with the master design and development skills. Coding is the most favored task of a Salesforce Developer, and numbers are your toys.

The median salary of a Salesforce Developer in the USA
Beginner: $111,103
Mid: $141,201
Expert: 159,299
The average income of a Freelance Salesforce developer in the USA is $79k - $138K

The median salary of a Salesforce Developer in Canada
Beginner: $98,744
Mid: $119,786
Expert: $133,106
The average income of a freelance Salesforce developer in Canada is $87k – 136K

The median salary of a Salesforce Developer in the UK
Beginner: 50,659£
Mid: 65,846£
Expert: 80,999£
The average income of a freelance Salesforce developer in the UK is 500-700£

The median salary of a Salesforce Developer in Germany
Junior: 55, 440€
Mid: 68,544€
Senior: 80,640€

The median salary of a Salesforce Developer in Australia
Junior: $121,737
Mid: $138,257
Senior: $155,261
The average income of a freelance Salesforce developer in Australia is $1,000-1,350

The median salary of a Salesforce Developer in India
The median salary of a Salesforce Developer in India is INR 7,60, 706, with a range of INR 1,36,000 to 19,13,000 depending on experience and tenure.

Enterprises That Love Salesforce
If you've at any point needed to find a new line of work in technology yet aren't a coder, at that point Salesforce skills could be your pass to the show. Here are the top industries that utilize Salesforce CRM:

  • Software
  • IT services
  • Finance
  • Hospitals and medicinal services
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Marketing services
  • Advertising services

Software organizations overwhelm all others in their utilization of Salesforce, driving the charge by 300% more than the following most noteworthy industry. Previously, more than 14,000 software organizations were utilizing the CRM, and more than 4,700 IT organizations doing likewise — and that number is still developing.

What does the future hold for Salesforce?

  • Salesforce and its ecosystem, globally, are required to empower the making of 3.3 million jobs inside the Salesforce client base from the utilization of cloud computing between the years 2016 and 2022.
  • Over a similar period, the advantages of cloud computing accumulating to Salesforce clients will include $859 billion in new business income to their nearby economies and help drive development in GDP.
  • Cloud computing produces these advantages essentially by allowing an expansion in the IT industry, which thus bolsters to business advancement that prompts quickened development plans, faster completion of the project, shorter time to market new items, and lower operational costs.
  • Companies now are already spending much of their time on cloud computing. Due to this, the Salesforce ecosystem in 2017 is almost multiple times greater than Salesforce itself. By 2020, it will be over multiple times greater.
  • The United States is in enormous light of cloud computing usage. Thus, it is estimated that Salesforce will generate most of its income from the United States only.
  • Between 2016 and 2020, the Salesforce economy's effect largely on businesses with the forecast of $164 billion in new business income and 585,000 new jobs, and manufacturing, with $159 billion in new business income and 638,000 in new openings.

Following statistics shows the worldwide growth of the Salesforce ecosystem (as per every dollar Salesforce make):

Recent Study
As per the recent study of IDC, the estimate for new openings demanding Salesforce skills shows a colossal increment from the last year. The numbers uncover that this skill set will make 3.3 million jobs in the Salesforce environment by 2022 — that is a significant jump from last year’s estimate of 1.9 million new openings by 2020.


It’s an obvious fact that technical skills remain in high demand in the current job market. Organizations keep on hurrying to grasp the eventual fate of big data, IoT, and AI. No matter which job role you are in, staying aware of the development is the secret to land a new or a better job.

As per the data by Indeed, in 2019, it has listed Salesforce Developer as among the “Best Jobs of 2019,” with an average salary of $112,031. Salesforce Developer jobs have gotten a 129 percent growth in several job postings between 2015 and 2018, as per the stats of Indeed.

Below is the statistics report generated by IDC’s Economic Impact Model. The stats show $859 in Net-New global revenue from Cloud Computing by Salesforce clients in the years 2016 to 2020.


Salesforce developers typically have specialized skills and experience with the following skills:

  • Salesforce
  • Apex
  • Visualforce
  • Lightning
  • Java/C++/OOP (Object-Oriented Programming)
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery/AngularJS/Bootstrap
  • SQL/SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language)
  • Web administrations

In case you're seeing that rundown and see a ton of hits (and just a couple of misses) at that point, you can make the jump to an extraordinary Salesforce job.

What can lead your path to become a Salesforce developer?
The answer is simply getting certified as a Salesforce developer. Here are the common certifications for a Salesforce developer:

  • Platform app builder
  • Platform developer 1 & 2
  • B2B commerce developer

Why is certification mandatory?
The subsequent stage of updating your vocation is with Salesforce certifications. It genuinely shows your skill in your field, with attention on Salesforce. Particularly when you don't have hands-on understanding, getting ensured can be a real asset to get employed.

Getting trained as a Salesforce Developer
With regards to preparing, one must be mindful about the accompanying viewpoints and check whether the merchant has capacities to prepare:

  • Above all else, the experience is the asset
  • In-hand exposure to comprehend Salesforce and experience a real-time situation by directing a mock task
  • The training timetable should be adaptable enough with the goal that it incorporates both theory and practical sessions
  • The method of training is a requirement for the Salesforce aspirant.
  • The assessment process in the middle of the training plan. This will assist the Salesforce aspirant that he is in a state of harmony with the preparation plan.
  • Capacity to get bolster all day, every day (24x7)
  • Ought to have an arrangement where they can take up a demo session and let them see the worth.

Bottom line
Salesforce is the technology that is not going anywhere as far as future concerns. Skill up yourself with this leading technology and secure your future as a Salesforce developer. We trust you pick the best to turn out to be the best! Glad learning!

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