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Human resources strategies: know the 5 most valuable

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Human resources strategies have as main objective the development of professionals based on the organization's DNA. This adds more identity, productivity and savings in retaining and attracting talent, in addition to promoting the company's results.

For this, it is important to evaluate the best actions for the company such as:

  • focus on the integration of employees;
  • work more on employee development;
  • strengthen the company's internal communication ;
  • evaluate based on the profiles of each position;
  • invest in new technologies.

The digital transformation, the focus on the human element and the social changes of the last decades exposed an element that took a long time to be considered within companies human resources strategies.

All because the sector was stigmatized as a resource for bureaucratic solutions within organizations. When, in fact, the HR sector has much more to offer. Especially in the growth of the company.

What are human resource strategies?

More than a personal department whose responsibilities are restricted to the fulfillment of current labor rights, the HR department is a multidisciplinary area.

This, therefore, involves several issues that may not be properly explored in your organization. For example: did you know that your human resources specialists have the potential to improve the recruitment and selection sector based on the profile of the company itself?

Or, that through performance appraisals, HR can compose an efficient career plan capable of retaining talent - and still attract qualified professionals? Good results with savings. What company would not be looking for such positive rates?

Therefore, understand that the human resources strategies are summarized in the organization of the department so that it translates the institutional pillars of the company and, thus, accurately guide the internal development actions and the positive disclosure of the brand to the market.

Why is it important?

Above, we pointed out that human resources strategies culminate in more optimized planning for the cutting of your talents. The attraction of new ones and the continuous search for a fully collaborative company is driven by the same goals.

And, in general, this standardized work can be found in:

  • more productivity ;
  • less absenteeism and turnover rates ;
  • more motivation ;
  • more engagement ;
  • a harmonious organizational climate ;
  • more results for the company.

Do you want to know how it all comes out on paper and the intangible benefits for your everyday reality? Below, let's start discussing this process of creating human resource strategies!

The role of a strategic HR

Regardless of the stage, your company is in, in the transition from an inflexible HR sector to a more analytical and strategic sector it is important to review all processes.

Then, it is important to meet with the managers to identify the adjustment in all processes, so that the company's communication has the same tone of voice, the same approach, and the same positioning. Only then, the communication must be made to all employees.

This is how human resources strategies begin to flourish in the corporate daily life: without impediments or mistakes regarding the new actions implemented. Counting, including the support of all for its easy transition.

Most valuable human resource strategies

Next, we will highlight some human resources strategies and positions that have everything to develop the thinking of a more strategic sector for the organization!

1. Focus on the integration of employees

Dissolve the walls (visible or not) that segregate the teams. HR can work with integration actions (from simple, like happy hours, to gamification strategies ). In this way, there will be more empathy for others, understanding of the entire workflow and a significant reduction in errors in everyday life.

Also, a good integration process is complemented for those who have recently been admitted to the company. Imagine the possibility of forwarding, even before he has his first day of work, messages, documents, and videos about your organization?

These human resources strategies exponentially facilitate the integration of this employee, who will start his activities with more precise knowledge of responsibilities and what is expected of him.

2. Work more on employee development

Training, performance appraisals (with constructive feedbacks ) and career plans are among the solutions that involve human resources strategies to polish employees.

Through them, it is possible to align the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of the professionals according to the strategic and institutional vision of the company. Something that allows a diversified appreciation of your brand.

3. Strengthen the company's internal communication

To count on the continuous engagement and motivation of employees, dedicate yourself to building and maintaining internal communication that guides, shares and encourages the participation of all in human resources strategies.

This gradually makes everyone feel part of the organization's development. And that is the fuel for having a team with a sense of belonging - a fundamental quality for retaining and attracting talent.

4. Evaluate based on the profiles of each position

In the performance evaluations printed on human resources courses and strategies, make sure that your HR deeply knows the requirements and needs of each position.

With that, the evaluations will follow a more personalized path and focused on individual and non-generic development. This only affects the sustainable development of the organization.

5. Invest in new technologies

Current and digital solutions, such as management software, allow your company to acquire agility, productivity, and savings in maintaining human resources strategies.

All because this product is capable of automating processes, analyzing its growth metrics in real-time and valuing the productive time of its professionals.

All this through software that works with the centralization of information, making all activities in the sector more agile and efficient.

As a result, it becomes easier to diagnose and anticipate any problematic situations, adding more value to the human resources strategies defined for resolving each one.

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