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Hunting for Presents: TOP 5 Ideas of Acceptable Christmas Gifts for the French  


November 26 - December 31 This city which measures with Germany is where the first Christmas tree came from. The Christmas Fair in Strasburg is the brightest in the world! Never forget to buy the Christmas decorations on the city square de la Cathedrale. Hunting for the tastiest Christmas dishes you should go to the des Meuniers square.


28 November - December 22 The biggest market in Paris usually takes place in La Defense district: it is better to visit it at night. Also, you should go to the Champs Elysees for shopping. You can meet Pere Noel there!


December The lights festival welcomes you in Lion since 1852. Every year, at the 8th of December the locals go to light the small paper lanterns to take them to the fair place, concerts and everywhere they go. The city is bright with the lights!


December 17 - January 1 The feast trade is going on all over the Provence. You have to pay your attention to the feast fair in Mouans-Sartoux. There are many hand-made souvenirs on the Missena Square. You can also skake there and taste the world popular 13 Christmas desserts.


December 1- January 1 Actually, Nice is a part of Provence. Nevertheless, it deserves to be mentioned separately. So, Missena Square welcomes you from December, 2 to January, 1. The Missena Square is very popular place in the city and not only for Christmas. If you live far from it, you can hire a car in Nice to get it easily and have enough space to carry on your Christmas presents! The square is organized with the bright chalets to sell hand-made souvenirs for Christmas. You can also skate and play games, watch the performances and taste something from the local cuisine. There are many shops around. They welcome you for the Christmas sales.  

Traditional Christmas Presents in France

Every present must be the high quality. Try to be attentive and careful, choosing something for present.

Emotions for Present

Is it possible? Of course it is! There is a good tradition in France to present something strange and nonmaterial. Actually, these kinds of presents are inspired with the protection environment. So, you can make not a car or helicopter trip for present but forest walk or weekend in mountains. It sounds great!

Books for Present

French people like to buy special presents for their families. Book is always the best present ever. French people like their families and like to spend time together. Books help to make their time interesting. It can be also DVD disks, board games, outside games.

Present for Kids

Of course, all kids must be presented with the toys. There is no better present for your kid than a toy, even for Christmas. There is a good tradition to buy toys for homeless and abandoned kids. That’s great that French people are responsible in making presents. Christmas Cards for Present Christmas cards play an important role in keeping up the kind Christmas traditions. Hand-made cards are mostly popular. There is special time to exchange cards - at the beginning of the Christmas dinner. Actually, this kind tradition came from England to the USA and European countries to send cards by post.

Present for a Woman-Friend

French women came from the fashion world. The best present can be something stylish. How about the elegant wrap? Of course, this is a good opportunity to boast the newest clothes. French people used to take the most of presents from the internet. Why not? It is very cheap and time-saving. Nevertheless, it is not about money. I-shops can be also different. You can visit the popular gift shop Saveur du Jour to buy something typical for France. Looking for the expensive and high quality present for your wife or husband, you may go to the specialized shops like Rivieras - popular French clothes shop. The choice is yours! One way or another, statistics says that French people spend about 10 million EUR for buying Christmas presents online.  

What is the Worst Christmas Present for the French?

The French are always responsible to buy a present. You shouldn’t buy the household items or something traditional like the tie or instruments. These subjects are popular to use in the everyday life but they are not good for presents. You shouldn’t buy clothes, if you are not ready to spend much money for it. The French don’t like cheap clothes. It is better to find a good accessory. Again, there is a good tradition to buy flowers for Christmas. Why don’t you buy the orchids or white roses? There is one more thing. You shouldn’t by local alcohol for present and local perfumes for a woman. By the way, buying perfumes is not a good idea, especially if the woman is not yours. Think about it.  

What is the Perfect Present for the French?

It is better to divide the men’s and women’s presents. So, let’s start from the men. The men DO NOT want to get a tie, socks, and instruments for present, even for Christmas. The men want to get the multifunctional modern gadget like tablet, smartphone or something. Of course, this is a good present only from a family member. Friends don’t make such an expensive presents to each other. If you want to get angry with your French friend, you may buy something from the household equipment, like pen, pot, dishes. Even the kitchen gadgets are not recommended. What about cosmetics? This is also not the best variant. The woman knows better what type and brand of cosmetics she uses. The perfect present cam be the touristic trip, voyage to somewhere. It can be the cultural or educative voyage, sea voyage. There is nothing better than travelling to somewhere, especially for Christmas.

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