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IB Program Helps to Get Admission into An Overseas University

Diploma programme is recognized as an international pre-university education preparing students for study abroad. The curriculum is reviewed on a seven-year teaching cycle to make sure it is in sync with the changing world and incorporates the latest educational research and lessons.

IB schools in Mumbai

It takes into review the teaching curriculum, how did it result and the progress needed to make it useful. The aim is to produce excellent, internationally minded, research-based course structure and learning material that compliments the students to enhance the learner profile. It is one of a kind, 21st century, schooling board that makes the children future ready. This is how it works:

  • IB Board ensures all-round development: The programs aim at modeling the child's mind in a way that he or she becomes an adaptive learner and a rational thinker. A lot of students studying in IB schools have not only shown improvement in academics but also in extracurricular activities.

    The students are free to choose their course of study as per the subjects that will help them have in-depth knowledge of what they want to study. The curriculum is designed in a way that the students go beyond the textbooks and work on projects where they polish applied knowledge. Apart from this, the students are engaged in leadership projects, quiz, trips, etc.

  • Knowledge graph is multidimensional: When the student picks his or her subjects, it involves the mentor, the student, and the parents. Taking into consideration what the child likes, their cultural background, the IQ and grasping capacity, subjects are decided for the child.

    Owing to the fact that the child comes across a dynamic module of learning, it has been observed that they develop an understanding of the subject. The focus is not on making the child learn theories of the subject, instead learn where does the concept come from and where all can it be applied.
  • Understanding and zeal to challenge oneself: Foreign universities evaluate their students based on factors like assignments, projects, exams, their conduct, etc. With so many activities happening around, the student is prepared to take up challenges that test their knowledge.

    A lot of universities require the same qualities when they look for in candidates because the academic journey continues in the same manner. It is true that the IB program is in sync with the modus operandi of all renowned foreign universities.

A lot of IB schools in Mumbai focus on the personal, professional and academic development of the child. Universities globally recognize the concept and teaching methodology for the holistic and rigorous education it provides. Parents can rest assured about their student’s academic journey with schools like Mount Litera School International that is globally by universities.

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