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Ice Cream 'Box' Cake Pops

Kids definitely love all the flavors and the right mixes of a cake and ice cream in one little bite size pop. These are also loved very much by people of all ages. With a soft cake-like core and delicious ice cream topping, this one is also very easy to make.


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We have a pro recipe for delicious Ice Cream Cake Pops that can be prepared easily. Here’s what you’ll need:


This recipe is good for 24 cake pops on a stick:

• 450 g of original yellow cake. You can bake it with 15 oz yellow cake mix and have it cooled
• Half a standard cup vanilla frosting, about 50 g
• 1 cup softened vanilla ice cream, roughly 145 g
• 1 cup crushed chocolate cookie, about 100 g
• 1 cup softened chocolate ice cream, about 145 g as well
• 2 whole cups of melted white chocolate, plus 2 tablespoons divided, 340 g
• Optional whipped cream and/or sprinkles for decorating
• An ice cube tray in perfect square slots for cake pop shapes
• 24 ice pop sticks if you want your ice cream cake pops on sticks


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Note: When presenting them as complements to your party guests, you can also use a Cream Box to serve them in. Have your cream box party wrapped and it should be good to go.
How It's Done:

1. Having baked the cake to a nice fluffy soft state, now you will need to crumble it into fine uniform crumbs. Do this in a large bowl and check for uniformity of your crumbs. Add in that bit of vanilla frosting to the crumbed cake and mix deeply.
2. Press 1 tablespoon of this cake mix into each slot of your ice cube tray. Make sure their top is roughly about the same level (slightly lower from the top) and smooth it with a spoon or your finger.
3. Now, press 1 tablespoon of vanilla ice cream over all the cubes. Make sure the ice cream is smooth and still cold. Also, sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of your crushed cookies on top giving it a nice finish.


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4. Now, freeze the ice cube tray for about 30 minutes. This is not the final freezing and by the end, you should get still soft but nicely held together mixture.
5. Now, get your ice pop sticks and dip them individually into the separated 2 tablespoons of melted white chocolate. Press them in the center of your ice cream cake pops resting inside each slot of the ice cube tray. Now, freeze for at least 8 hours or until all of them get solid.
6. To get these out of the tray, use a butter knife or an offset spatula to loosen your ice cream cake pops. Take them out of the cubes one by one.
7. Get a tall drinking glass and have your remaining melted white chocolate in it. Now dip you're taken out cake pops on a stick into this white chocolate
8. You can place the white chocolate covered ice cream cake pops in a plate and serve or design a nice cake pop holder using some foam board and a Cream Box.
9. Have them in the freezer until they are ready to be served. Treat them like conventional ice cream and don’t let them melt at all.
10. When serving, decorate your cake pops with that whipped cream and/or sprinkles. Make sure to do the decorating quickly without letting any of the ice creams in them melt at all.


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Your perfect ice cream cake pops are ready to be enjoyed. Use your emptied Cream Box with beautiful decorations for any part to serve these in.

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