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Ideal substitute to Brightree Billing Services

Brightree Billing Services

About 75 million Americans with low income rely on private Medicaid managed care programs according to an article by Kaiser Health. This programs like Medicaid managed care program have seen rapid growth since 2014 due to the new beneficiaries under the (ACA) Affordable Care Act. In fact many healthcare organizations started outsourcing their medical billing service in order to cope up and maintain the balance between the billing process and keeping up with the rising new regulation every day.

It is a known fact that healthcare organizations are striving hard to cut the cost hence reaching out to the right RCM management becomes very vital.

What makes Sunknowledge better than bright tree billing service?

Sunknowledge Service Inc is a perfect operational extension for your practice management/Revenue Cycle Management. Our billing executives have experiences working on several industries standard and software like Prime Rx, SOS, Frstrack, Kareo, Brightree billing service etc. Being ISO 27001: 2013 and 9001: 2008 certified organization we ensure a complete 100% HIPAA compliance with complete quality and security management for all your medical billing services. Our 97% collection rate with 70% reduction in your operation cost along with 30% shrink in AR bucket is a rare combination any outsourcing organization will offer.

Experience 99.9% accuracy rate with 70% cheaper than brightree billing service Sunknowledge is the perfect solution to all your medical billing problems. Not only has this made us better in fact there are a lot more reasons making us the ideal partner. With our no-cost dedicated account manager, we also specialized in the services such as:

  • Entry of Rx order
  • Entry of patient’s demographics and insurance
  • Dx Entry
  • Eligibility verification
  • Collection of complete Rx
  • A complete collection of documents for Authorization approval
  • Submission
  • Rejection/denial management
  • AR Follow up

It’s been more than 10 years than Sunknowledge solution helping payers, providers and healthcare organization improving financial performance, patient satisfaction and increase in ROI by delivering effective solution for profitable revenue cycle management. So get tailored customized streamline approach better than brightree billing service over a no commitment call by our Sunknowledge expert.

How Sunknowledge differs from Brightree billing services:

Working for more than 10 years with both payers and providers Sunknowledge Service Inc has excellent references from the industry. We also have the highest productive metric with as low as $7 per hour as our service charge with a 99.9% accuracy rate. We are certified ISO 27001: 2013 and 9001: 2008 organization which ensures a complete 100% HIPAA compliance with a complete security and quality management for all your medical billing services. Our work does not end here our billing executive has experiences working on several industries standard and software like Frstrack, SOS, Kareo Brightree billing service etc.

With our well-equipped resources we also have a track record of 97% collection rate even from ageing account. We are the perfect partner for your operational extension when DME Medical billing is concern as more than half of our medical billing work involves in DME medical billing with an annual turnover of $1.6 billion.

Even our 24*7 dedicated account manager and customized reporting according to the client’s protocol daily/weekly/monthly is done to provide operational transparency and understanding for our client about our workflow.

So be part of our 100 clientele list including Medtronic and leverage Sunknowledge benefit which is better than Brightree billing services at 70% cheaper rate. For more information call Sunknowledge expert over a ‘no commitment call’, we are just a call away!

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