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Ideas For Curtains On Transforming Your Home

Curtains, either they can enhance the entire look of your room or they can completely ruin it! Window treatment is not only essential for a better privacy but it also plays a key role in your interior décor. So the question is, can you utilize the curtains in a way that they don’t only ensure your privacy but also transform your interior décor?

Well, the answer is a BIG YES!!

While decorating a room, curtains are usually the last thing you consider. The truth is, a room without curtains is always unfinished or you can say it’s naked!

If you want to make the most out of curtains, you must have to consider them first. The color scheme of your entire room, the size of corridor, wall space, or window where you are going to use them are a few things that should be considered earlier. Then you will have to make a choice either you will buy Ready Made Curtains or will have the customized one! All these things will do nothing but ease you to decorate your room with optimum perfections.

Finally, you will have to learn the different creative ways to hang your curtains so they can add the maximum magnificence in your interior! Here are some ways to do so.

Curtain Rings with Track:

Traditional and yet attractive! These rings aren’t only simple but are also elegant. Curtain track allows you to adjust the curtain with maximum convenience. The best thing about it, the track can be invincible. These tracks can be layered in two or three tracks. You can easily combine blackout curtains or voiles in your place.

Rod with Pocket:

Sewing pockets along with rod is another option to décor your curtains. Once again it’s simple but can produce amazing appearance. Pocket can be produced by turning back the fabric of your curtain in way that it creates pocket by itself. The rod will be fitted through the tunnel that will be produced at the top of the curtain. This tunnel will allow the curtain fabric gathering together slightly.

Tab Top:

Tab top technique is quite similar to rod pocket but it’s different in shape. It contains loops at the top from the same of contrasting material. Tab-top technique is an informal way to décor curtains but it has the attraction to transform your interior appearance. The only thing can bother you is, moving the tabs can be frustrating and it also expose the hardware used there.

Goblet Pleat:

One of the most traditional and formal curtain hanging style is Goblet Pleat. Most of the Victorian and Georgian homes always include this sort of style with a high ceiling! In this technique, the top of the certain includes a cylindrical cuff like a wine glass. These curtains can be seen in grand rooms or theme places like hotels, restaurants etc.

With these multiple trends and techniques for curtain hanging, there are plenty of ideas to transform your homes with curtains. You can design them accordingly to make your room the best place in the world.

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