Ideas to Celebrate Birthday During Pandemic


Birthdays are a day that many people look forward to. For some people, especially young people, birthdays will certainly be more impressive if celebrated with a lively and exciting celebration party.

However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, you have to postpone this fantasy and only celebrate with your family.

Even so, there are still many ways to keep a birthday memorable in the midst of this situation. As summarized from various sources, here are the ideas for celebrating birthdays in the midst of a pandemic that you can emulate.

Virtual Party

First, you can have a virtual party with friends and relatives through several video conferencing applications, such as Skype and Zoom. Choose an app that lets users talk to each other from their own homes via webcam and host some of the best virtual meetings. And you can also make a birthday video by using a video maker app for your friends.

Restaurant-style dinner

Celebrating an anniversary at your favorite restaurant in situations like this is still worrying. However, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it at home.

You can set the dining table like in a restaurant by setting a few candles, picking up a bottle of your favorite drink, and enjoying a delicious meal while at home. Invite and involve your housemates, family, or partner in spending time to eat some restaurant-style set menus.

But if you live alone or can't get the ingredients needed for cooking, you can get your favorite foods using online food ordering.

Party karaoke at home

If you are bored with just eating together, you can also organize a karaoke party. Make a list of your favorite and festive songs to sing with your housemates, family, or partner and sing together at home using available technology.

Indoor picnic

If you have a large enough garden and good weather at home, a picnic can be an option that is no less fun. You can make your favorite sandwich, then grab a birthday cake, and sit in the sun.

However, there's nothing wrong with changing your living room or workspace for those who live in a shared flat or house by adding sheets and Tumblr-style lights for an indoor picnic.

Party Drive-Through

For those who still want to see relatives and friends in person but are still reluctant to have a real party, a drive-through party can be an option.

Give it a try, decorate your front yard with glee, and send out invitations (maybe a birthday hat, balloons, or trumpets as well) so relatives and friends can drive through your front of the house at the appointed hour. Don't forget, prepare hampers filled with food, snacks, desserts, toys, and others that you can hand over when they drive-through in front of the house.

This method is also effective because they can also hand over gifts without getting out of the car. However, make sure you also keep using masks and hand sanitizers and don't forget to take a photo together as a memory.

But seriously, just because we’re practicing social distancing or quarantining ourselves at home doesn’t mean we can’t also have a little fun, right? In fact, celebrating a birthday can be a bright spot in a time of dismal news stories and economic uncertainty. After all, singing “Happy Birthday” used to mean more than teaching people to wash their hands for 20 seconds.