Monday, October 2, 2023
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Ideas to Make Serving Pleasant For Customers at the Restaurant

Pleasant services at restaurants will bring back your customers again and again. The friendly respectable and courteous behavior of staff members will not only retain regular customers but they may also bring their families and friends at your restaurant. Exclusive ideas are shared for pleasing service which is rewarding to loyal customer, kids services, online order booking, online seat reservation and much more.

Staff Friendly Behavior

Almost all top-class restaurants recommend special training to staff members. These also organize internal training for a personalized touch to their services. A study has shown that 89 percent of customers do not go back to a restaurant where they face poor quality services. 86 percent of customers become willing to pay 25 percent extra if they receive better services and commercial serve over counters.

Customer Reward Program

Restaurant managers know the impact of loyalty card offered to a regular customer. You can add surprise gift hampers to their deal, or you can offer something extra in their meal. You can also offer free drinks or juice to loyal customers.

Customer Disputes Handling

This is crucial for running any business. The best idea is to train your staff members to adopt the solution provider approach in disputes. If a customer leaves your restaurant happily at the end of a dispute then you have a job your job efficiently. Always try to provide quick and efficient solution to the dispute.

Receive Feedback

The best idea for the improvement of restaurant services is by taking feedback from customers. The timely working on feedback will allow you to upgrade your services.

Services For Kids

This may sound novel idea to you but this is best for the pleasing customer. If kids are happy then parents are happy. Offer free milk or juice to toddlers. You can offer free yogurt or dessert for children. These steps will leave family customers satisfied and contended at the end.

Online Order

Modern restaurants know the impact of technology on the lives of people. They create a website and provide the options for online order. This saves their times and you can cash this opportunity by providing a surprising gift in their package.

Online Reservation

Think for a while, how will you feel if you reach a place and your seating arrangements have been done before. Definitely, you will feel satisfied and happy. Similarly, online seat reservation has the same impact on the customers. A study has shown that 83 percent of the customer can do an online reservation for their seats in restaurants.


Cleanliness has a major impact on the mood of the customers. Think for a while if you have to sit in a dirty place for having your meal. You will not be able to enjoy your food. Therefore, cleanliness is unavoidable for the restaurant’s overall better presentation. Customers feel pleasant if an air purifier is installed in restaurants. You can also spread some aroma or scent in your place for a pleasant feel. These ideas are most effective to satisfy and please visitors in your restaurant.

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