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HomeConstructionIf You Want Reliable Fibreglass Roofing Birmingham- Give Us a Call and...

If You Want Reliable Fibreglass Roofing Birmingham- Give Us a Call and We Will Be in Touch Shortly.

Fibreglass Roofing Birmingham:

Our squad is one of Birmingham’s leading roofing contractors that are accepted to offer this Fibreglass Roofing Birmingham product which comes with loads of year assurance as standard.

As a flat roof specialist, we are optional fiberglass roof installers and can now offer a roofing system that will possibly outlast the structure it is caring – something is never seen before.

Using High-Quality Materials:

Revamp your home with a striking roof that is easy to uphold. GRP stances for glass-reinforced plastic and is seamless for patios, walkways, and gutter valleys. You don't have to worry about tending to any glitches, as GRP has a wide life expectation of years and needs little to no maintenance. Able to tolerate heavy foot traffic, the GRP product is obtainable with a non-slip option and the lead effect is remarkably strong and has no intrinsic value to thieves. Moreover, it is accessible with non-slip slate chip, and we deliver a fire-resistance assessment.

Choose Easy Refurbishments:

Obtain roofing that is well-matched to your property by selecting glass fibre roofing. Very adaptable, the material is effortlessly tailor-made. For instance, you may have GRP roofing on your kitchen and later decide to have this extended. Unlike other roofing approaches that may need a makeshift joint or a stripping of the old roof, GRP roofing is effortlessly attached to and compound with existing roofs.

Available in a variety of colours and sizes, GRP is informal to renovate at a later date should you wish to alter the colour.

Professional Waterproof Fibreglass Linings:

  •          Koi Pond Liners
  •          Aquarium Fibreglass Liners
  •          Fiberglass Walls
  •          Fibreglass Floors
  •          GRP Fibreglass Roofing
  •          Balcony Lining
  •          Grp van lining
  •          Grp flat roofing
  •          Grp fish pond lining
  •          Fibreglass wet room lining
  •          Fibreglass steam room lining
  •          Grp swimming pool lining
  •          Grp fibreglass bund tank lining
  •          Grp fibreglass gutter/valley lining
  •          Fibreglass Boarding kennels
  •          Fibreglass milking parlour linings
  •          Fibreglass Abattoir linings

We use one of two ingredients in the formation of flat roofing:

1.     Torch-on felt roofing

Felt roofing is waterproof and extremely resilient to the elements. Most flat roofs will have felt on them. When roofing a flat roof, at least 3 sheets of felt are wanted one with a solar weighty property. The procedure of installing felt roofing is a hazardous one, due to the nature of how it is closed onto the roof. Though we are highly knowledgeable with torch-on felt roofing and we’d be glad to come round to your property to see how we can aid you.

2.     Topseal GRP

Topseal GRP is the newest innovation in flat roofing. It’s a confirmed way of waterproofing a flat roof. It’s an expert variety of liquid-applied fiberglass flat roofing that dries rapidly into a solid, and then provides comprehensive protection from the weather. It’s excessive for garages, offices, and factories because it’s very sturdy – more so than felt. Though, this is not an invention DIYers’ can master so it’s worth getting an expert to install it for you.

Other materials that are used in flat roofing around the world comprise asphalt, cold-applied liquid membranes, PVC vinyl, flexible thermos-polyolefin (FTPO), Ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber (EPDM), Turbo Seal, and Modified Bitumen. The material a lot of people will be acquainted with because of films like The Shawshank Redemption is coal-tar – this material is a hazard and is not suggested by us at all. However, once it is dry, the hazard effects it can have are mainly diminished.

3. Do you need new flat roofing?

If your garage, shed, extension or other flat-roofed building is leaking water, you will likely need a new flat roof laying.

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