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Image Text: How relevant is it in 2021?

Alt text, also known as alt attribute, alt tag, or alt description, is an HTML attribute used to describe an image and a text alternative for search engines. It was initially introduced for blind people to understand the pictures and improve their internet experience.

Also, using Alt text to improve search rankings is nowadays considered a proper strategy by major SEO agencies like Red Search SEO Sydney. This is because they use Alt text on images and other SEO tools to solve the challenges that come across the growth of the business website and are dedicated to producing actual results.

The majority of people who know about Alt Text question why it is vital and what role it plays so, here is How Image Texts Are Vital -

1.    Helps the Blind or Visually Impaired User -

As mentioned above, they are the most benefited by the use of Alt tags on images. As they cannot comprehend the picture, alt tags explain or convey the image’s message to them.

2.    Helping People With Cognitive Issues -

These people might not understand the purpose of an image on a web page, but hovering over the Alt tags with the mouse would convey the image’s message, which will enhance their web experience.

3.    It Impacts SEO -

As mentioned above, Alt texts are tools of SEO. Agencies like Red Search Seo Sydney use them effectively to inform search engine crawlers and allow them to index the images used.

4.    Helps When the Webpage Can't Load the Image -

Alt tags are beneficial when a browser has problems rendering the webpage. If no Alt tags are used, the user will have no idea what the image was about.

5.    Increases Relevance -

It is essential to provide contextual relevance to the webpage where the image is using Alt text. Like the Red Search SEO Sydney, which uses an optimized alt text with a relevant keyword, it gives your web page a relevance boost and helps increase traffic on your website organically. They use natural language to optimize alt texts for relevant keywords, namely keyword stuffing.

Tips You Can Remember While Creating Image Texts -

  1. Keep it short and precise and describe only the essential points about the image.
  2. When the image is for decoration purposes and is not informational, use a null alt tag to make people aware of the presence of the image.


Now that we have covered most of the critical aspects of image texts, the answer to the question "Is Image Texts Still Relevant in 2021" is Yes. Not only is it relevant, but also it is vital for your website's growth. 

It will continue to be so as long as digital marketing persists. You can implement them on your website, or you can even hire professionals like Red Search SEO Sydney to have it done for you. All the best with your future campaigns!

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