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Impact of AI in digital marketing

You definitely do not need an introduction to the term of Artificial Intelligence – AI, one of the ground-breaking technologies with the most successful career path in the near future.

This technology has brought the world right on to our fingertips and now the machines and robots are not far from the day when they would successfully be imitating the human intelligence and decision-making skills.


Artificial Intelligence was growing since 2015 as people were getting into the digital gadgets and robots like never before.

This rate kept on growing and now here we are that AI is making its way into almost every sector including finances and banking, education, marketing, medicines and health, retail, and e-commerce, food technology, logistics and transportation, travel, gaming and several entertainment industries are also using the technology of AI also many web development company are using AI for their benefit.

-The global artificial intelligence software market has predicted the technology to grow swiftly in the coming years reaching around $126 billion by 2025.

AI has got into limelight in the past several years whilst it was originally born in 1950. AI is breaking into the industries with its wide array of applications including natural language processing (NLP), robotic process automation, and machine learning (ML).

-Recent research has also shown that Artificial Intelligence will create 2.3 million jobs in the upcoming year while eliminating 1.8 million- indeed a drastic change in the history of AI!

All of these technologies collectively are reshaping the world and we are entering into the most revolutionized era of all times.


All hail to the Artificial Intelligence has brought businesses to the point where they are able to predict the choices of the people and can work accordingly.

Resume writers from believe that, the extreme boost to the use of the internet and rise in the demand of e-commerce and retail has led the businesses towards the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in their respective productions.

Now it has become much easier for the brands to identify that which segments are being loved by the customers and must stay in the campaigns. Also, with the help of AI is far better easy to recognize the choices of the people.

This in turn is making the lives of digital marketers much easier and they are able to understand the requirements of people with the changing trends.

Below I have broken down 6 powerful facts that showcase the impact of AI in digital marketing. These are some of the changes that we are going to witness in the near future in the field of digital marketing.  

Advanced profiling of the customer:

This is very important to understand the demands and requirements of the customers rightly while being into the business. It is also a vital plank for the digital marketing of your respective products.

In this case, having a perfectly defined ideal customer profile can play a role changer. This kind of approach would also result in a 171% increase in marketing-generated revenue. Don’t forget, collecting, analyzing, and processing of huge datasets is a task at which AI is the best!

Conversational chatbots:

Having excellent customer support and provision of the best customer experience can bring hugely success to your business. Here, AI-powered conversational chatbots would be handy as they increase loyalty and retention.

AI-powered chatbots are also going to change the landscape of customer support tremendously. They are going to assist the customers 24/7 from different time zones as well. Ensure to get a chatbot that is designed to solve complex queries as well.

Appealing and sleek designs:

You're digital marketing efforts need to be visually appealing as the human brain processes the images 60,000 times faster than it does the text. This shows that you're digital marketing needs to be aesthetic and memorable.

Here, the AI-powered tools can help to create an appealing, functional, and attractive website design even if you are not good at coding. Make sure that your website is incorporated with powerful and sleek designs to catch user’s attention.

Social media listening tools:

To maintain your business reputation and to thrive in the industry with positive comments, your business needs to respond to every customer timely. Even if the feedback is negative, it is important to stay polite.

Using social media listening tools in this regard can be helpful. Once these tools are powered with AI, they can spot all the brand mentions and you would know the reviews about your brand.

AI-powered content creation:

Artificial intelligence is also going to play a crucial role in the content creation of the marketing field. The natural language generation technology would help the marketers to produce AI-specific content as well.

Did you know, AI is capable of producing up to 2000 articles per second? Well, AI is definitely important to produce genuine and catchy content for the audience. With the help of AI, the generation of meaningful content would become easier as well along with other reports and formulaic content.

Ad targeting and predictive marketing:

With the help of AI, ad targeting, and predictive marketing would become easy. Artificial intelligence would generate and promote the online ads and these ads would be based on the interests and preferences of the users.

The predictive marketing is also going to rise with the technology of AI. This will further use data mining and machine learning to analyze and predict future trends, interesting right? Almost 50% of reports reflected that AI would benefit the decision-making to the maximum level.


This definitive guide would help you to understand how the landscape of digital marketing is changing with the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence. The future of digital marketing is here and we are going to witness more tasks to be automated and streamlined as writers at term paper writing service website we always write on this kind  of topics. This will also improve customer satisfaction that would benefit the business on a massive scale!

Michael Hussey
Michael Hussey
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