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Impact of Artificial Intelligence(AI) on the Transportation Industry

In the age of digitization, artificial intelligence has become one of the synonymous to the latest technology. Tremendous technological advancement is seen in the field of AI over the past few years. It has been adopted by all the industries and sectors due to the various advantages that it provides to them. And one of the major industries which have noticed a major application of AI is the transportation industry.

Benefits Offered by Artificial Intelligence(AI) to Transportation Industry

Recently on October 2016, Uber announced a driverless truck that was invented by Otto. This truck successfully drove 120 miles at 55 MPH that also without any issues. Additionally, the Daimler trucks have invented the 18-wheeler semi-autonomous truck with an auto-pilot system. Both these inventions are the gift of AI, as it's developed using Artificial Intelligence(AI).

With the increasing use of AI, the Costs of labor in the transportation sector is decreasing drastically and are offering higher profits for industry players. with the fully automated fleets, there will be no longer the concern of long driving hours and stopping for a break. Beyond straightforward labor costs, accidents, traffic, and safety will be majorly affected by AI.

The number of accidents taking place while the drivers are driving at night is a large issue which can be significantly solved with the help of smart unmanned vehicles. The financial and personnel costs of accidents taking place on the roadsides are quite unsubstantial. Complete unmanned vehicles or auto-pilot can allow the driver to have a snooze without causing severe accidents.

Most of the vehicles invented with the help of AI technology have a special feature of predicting accidents and health issues of people around the vehicle such as detecting a heart attack. After predicting the alert emergency services will automatically send a signal for help with the location and details of diagnosis.

How Artificial Intelligence(AI) Helped Transportation Sector?

The problem in the transportation sector or industry arose when the system behavior was much difficult to model according to a predictable pattern. This model was affected by various things like human errors, accidents, and traffic. In such cases, the unpredictability can be avoided or can be aided by AI.

Artificial intelligence(AI) uses observed data to predict decisions appropriately. Genetic algorithms(GAs) and advanced neural networks(NNs) are perfect AI methods that help to deal with these types of unpredictability. AI has been in implemented and development in a variety of ways. Let's discuss some of the ways that how artificial intelligence helped the transportation sector.  

Better Understanding and Decision Making

AI technology improves the decision making and planning of transportation industries. The road freight transport system can effectively utilize the prediction techniques to forecast their volume using various artificial intelligence(AI) methods, as this can help to simplify the planning process of the transportation sector. Additionally, various decision-making tools can easily be designed for the transportation sector and can be run using artificial intelligence. This will definitely affect the investments of the companies in the future in a productive way.

Enhance Public Safety

Artificial Intelligence(AI) helps the transportation industry to ensure the safety of the riders while they use their services. Safety of the rider while traveling through public transport in urban areas is improving rapidly by tracking crime data in real time. Some of the feature-rich applications like uber clone come with advanced security features for the riders. AI(Artificial Intelligence) can help in predicting the probability of accidents and also predict the occurrence of unpredictable events that take place around. It also aids the police to enhance their efficiency by patrolling and also helps them to keep their city safe.

Autonomous Vehicles

Self-driven trucks and cars are the buzzwords in the last few years. In the commercial sector, Elon Musk and Uber have introduced self-driving trucks in the transport industry to increase productivity and also to reduce the number of accidents on highways. This advent of technology had helped the driver a lot as the chances of accidents reduced a lot, especially in risky accident prone areas.

Despite the above-discussed way, there are many others through which AI is proved as a blessing for the transportation industry. With the help of artificial intelligence, businesses can gain tremendous productivity improvements in their sector. Overall, the future of artificial intelligence(AI) in the transportation industry seems to be bright. As this industry has become more data-driven, the talent profile will keep on shifting as new skills are required in the workforce to keep up with ongoing changes faced by the industry.

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