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Impact of Automation on Business Operations

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If asked to cover 500kms by walk, how many days do you think you will take? For an average individual, in 1 hour he can walk 5 kms.  Therefore, tentatively an individual will cover 500 kms in 100 hours. Whereas a car can cover the same distance in less than 8 hours. Fascinating? Isn’t it. This is the power of automation.


With the increasing need for quick solutions and 24*7 uninterrupted working lifestyle, a man needs the help of artificial intelligence to guide him through the processes.

Errors in manual processes delay and subside the entire meaning of efficiency in the organization. Manual processes are 3 times higher prone to errors with recurring mistakes overtaking hours of productivity.


You might find some of these common errors happening frequently in your organization:

failure rate due to delayed processes

     Typography errors

     Approval errors

     Errors in data entry

     Misplaced data

     No entry




     Unawareness of processes


Did you realize all of the above are clerical jobs that should not be consuming so much mind and effort? But, then most of your employees are investing almost a couple of hours daily either filling these up or rectifying the errors. You certainly do not want to waste salaries, hours, and efforts on these.


What else can be done? How can you get rid of errors and manual processes?




What is Automation?

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According to Wikipedia “Automation or labor-saving technology is the technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance.”


Automation is the process of integrating artificial intelligence of available technologies to streamline workflow processes with efficiency.


Automation is the use of artificial intelligence available with the technologies to control processes. It enables reliability and boosts efficiency.


When you integrate a custom software like Invoicera, that automates you eradicate the need for human interference to a greater extent. For example, automated data entry overtakes the need for typewriters and administrators to manage the jobs.


Impact of Automation on Businesses

     Significantly Improved Productivity
Automation streamlines workflow and increases transparency. It is evident that when you give or get access to precise data, the efficiency of analysis and accuracy of the job goes up.

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     Visibly Increased Productivity:
The most needed tasks to automate are the ones that are repetitive, time-consuming, and mundane, such as recurring invoicing. An automated online invoicing software can easily take away all the hassle from you by automating the entire process of invoice generation, invoice approval, payment reminders, online payments acceptance. Usually, the administrative department spends more than 4 hours calling and confirming for payment, invoice acceptance confirmations, and reminders. This way you can eliminate the need of extra staff as well as unburden them.

      Boost in Accuracy:

Robots do not get bored, confused, misread, or fatigued while working. It will make sure your 10000th entry be as precise as your very first entry. It not only helps in being confident about your data, but also enhanced customer experience, less frustration, and allows your team to collaborate seamlessly.

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     Progress Tracking, Collaboration, and Approvals

With online software, your team has to be conscious while working. Smart software will never let your team submit sheets without filling them accurately and completely. It will proactively send out notifications to staff and colleagues about task approvals and suggestions and make collaboration easier for every member of the team. It automatically tracks your productivity with active percentage and screens you are working on.

Your employees will be in a better position to collaborate as the access to files become instant. The core benefit of an all-in-one storage tool is that it makes collaboration and working together more meaningful. At the best, automation does not eradicate the need for a human workforce, just works as their best assistant to make their jobs easier.

     Enhanced Flexibility:

Automation does not work the same way for every organization. The beauty of automation lies in its capabilities to customize. Most AI-enabled software are easily customizable as per any specific business needs.
A careful analysis of tasks that are the best fit for automation can help you yield maximum results from the technology. The best way to decide on which processes to automate in your organization is by checking the most repetitive tasks of your everyday processes. For example, you can automate attendance management, task management, time management, cash flow management, invoice management, and more.

Software That Can Automate:

To make your research easy and more precise, here is a consciously curated list of software that is flexible, customizable, automate, and you need to invest in these:


     Hootsuite (Post scheduling and automation)

     Invoicera (All-in-one invoice, cashflow, and workflow automation tool)

     Grammarly (Runs in the backend to automatically read docs and correct errors)

     Google Ads (Automate and schedule your ads for Google)

     Calendly (set your availability preferences in Calendly for the next meeting)

     Hubstaff (time tracking & project tracking tool)

     Zapier (All-in-one process automation tool)

     Process Maker (open source low code workflow automation tool)

Take of Researchers on Automation

McKinsey conducted research to study the impact of automation on jobs and found out some interesting facts that business owners must look into:

     45% of the activities that you pay for can be easily automated with software.

     The manual wages take up to $2 Trillion in the USA alone.

     Not just clerical, but the highest-paid activities of CEOs, Physicians, etc can be automated.



Automation of processes has become an integral part of organizations. It ensures seamlessness in collaboration and highly accurate desired results. For an organization to grow you must invest in software that automates most of your clerical jobs. Because understand that an investment into the software is one-time, but it yields a progressive return on investment YoY. Automation is not bound to any size of business. Remember, investing in tools that are flexible and happen to grow with your business are rare. Early investment can streamline basics so that the most expert activities will not suffer later on.

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