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Impacts Of Augmented Reality In Future

Augmented reality

As any other science technology is drastically changing in this modernised world, especially digital technology. Our past decades have witnessed unbelievable leaps throughout the way. Digital horizon has a different dimension to move on. And what is next? This would be the most common question arising in everybody’s mind.

What is Augmented Reality?

This technology is often regarded as futuristic technology. It can be also said as this is the result of using technology to superimpose technology. It is proving that augmented reality is very useful for the daily lives and is widely used today. VR is gaining much popularity than AR and it also much exciting. When compared to other reality technologies augmented reality lies in the middle of the real world and the virtual world. However, augmented reality is rapidly gaining attention as it brings us from the virtual world to the real world. In short, it is an improvised version of the real world where the direct or indirect physical real world is augmented with exaggerated images created by the computer and this one’s current perception of reality is enhanced. Different types of Augmented reality exist according to the use and needs.

Still, augmented reality applications remain as a new concept. Ingress and the Pokemon Go were the first popular augmented reality games. Most AR games remain as the time killer type games. Some of the best androids augmented reality games are Brickscape, Egg Inc, Fishing strike etc, It definitely has a far-reaching area of potential use. The term augmented reality was coined back in 1990. Even now there are different devices supporting the augmented reality. This concept continues to evolve from tablets and smartphones. Sensors, cameras, accelerometer, digital compass etc are required for the processing and projection for AR devices and hardware.

AR and VR are Not The Same

Augmented reality and Virtual reality is not the same however both have a common ability to alter our perception of the world. Augmented reality takes our current reality and adds something to it. Augmented reality is added digital elements to the real world through a mobile phone or a camera. While Virtual reality takes us apart from the real world. In Virtual reality, users can be transported from the number of the real world and to the imaginary world. Mixed reality is the place where both of these elements combine together. These two most disruptive and popular technologies keep growing and showing the vivid applications and solutions they can provide. Immersion they provide is an utmost important difference between them. The devices they are using for the function is also different and are applied to different industries. 

Augmented reality

Current Situatuon Of Augmented Reality

This technology was brought to the world with great expectations and hope. Has India seen enough traction in this field? The latest update on augmented reality in India was Myntra where AR was adopted to 360-degree experience for the customers. Today shopping is no more a need-based activity, but of course, it is an experience. It provides wide areas of opportunity for users. This is a great advantage for all retailers to boost their business.  India is yet to see some outbreaks in VR technology apart from the gaming industry. To control and enhance the engagement and traffic of users company adopted VR to give an advanced experience of their product. To bring a new angle to experiential learning apart from retail, the gaming education sector in India has also picked up virtual reality. AR is not only a business vertical but also used in many other businesses. The utmost important technology in India was Alive App and this brought the way to the Augmented reality into many households. In India, this industry is at its nascent stage. About 170 startups have emerged into this field in a few years. Everydayness is there in the augmented reality today in India because of it comes in the form of social media filters and games. Moreover, it has a malleability to be used in every industry. Another innovation is vr in business. As it is welcomed by users in all means it has knocked the doors of companies in India. So it has entered to all the fields like education, automobile, real estate, retail etc. Augmented reality in India has shown its presence in all areas and it is the most entertaining and easy technique to use. It not only provides the complete details of the product but also provide the view of that product from all the angles. Indian markets are most wide and large sector, so it is not at all a difficult task to get access on it faster than any other country.  90% of growth every year is expected in India every year. So undoubtedly the future is looking more bright.

Augmented reality

AR Trends

If you have seen the new futuristic fiction movies probably you have an idea about the future of Augmented reality too. It is no more a new term since it can be implemented in any industry and it’s being done right now. The different new project has shown to the world that AR has good commercial value and future potential. Augmented reality future is not at all a question mark. Augmented reality began in the year 1968 by Sutherland. AR seems to be a great asset which enhances the growth of any business by its visual overlay. The output blew the minds of many organizations. It is applicable in almost all the architecture industries. Almost all the solution can be solved with the help of augmented reality solutions. With such advanced ideas like Augmented reality, it is clear that it is providing such good opportunities to delight with the user experience. Through this technology, we can bring more advancement in multiple fields. Extended reality is something which can modify the real with digital technology. However AR is in its teen years, with more and more people working in it, it is very possible that this industry will be a multi-billion dollar industry. We are looking forward to this year 2019 is going to use all these realities successfully. The predictions are saying this technology will grow and break all the headlines. Brace yourself to the witness of the growth of AR along with virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

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