Importance of Currency Exchange Rates


Each and every country has a different and unique type of currency, when you go from one country to another you need to get your currency exchanged with the one that is used in that respective country. When you go to any other country for travelling, you need to get the currency changed otherwise you won't be able to eat anything there, shop from there or even go to places that asks for tickets or anything. Hence getting your currency exchanged becomes very important. Currency exchange is a well-known and flourished business in foreign markets now.

Simplifying the meaning of currency exchange 

International currency exchange simply means to give one type of currency and get some other type of currency in its return.  Suppose you are an Indian and you go to the USA, so you need to get your Indian rupees exchanged with US dollars in order to be able to survive there. This currency exchange is a huge business since it legally exchanges on kind of money into another. You can get your currency exchanged at airports, stand-alone businesses or banks. Usually, people avoid getting currency exchanged at airports because they have high currency exchange rates and charge for it a lot as compared to other places.

How currency exchange is carried out?

You can get your currency exchanged in both online or offline ways. It is a very simple process where you just need to bring the currency you want to exchange at the place and buy the desired country’s currency in its place. the values of your currencies would vary, which means suppose you give 1000 Indian rupees then you won't be getting 1000 us dollars instead you will get the amount according to the internationally known spot rate. The store where this whole exchange is taking place, they will also get some part of the money as it is their business and they want to earn the profit. With development, here are banks who offer cards with multiple currency system, so now you can also rely on your cards but your bank doesn't need to hold multiple currency system.


Understanding exchange rates-

 When a currency is exchanged, it is done on a certain fixed rate which is called a currency exchange rate. It simply refers to the fact that says what value of a certain currency can you get with a unit of the other currency. Now there are two terms related to it- appreciates and depreciates. Appreciates is when it requires more amount of the currency to be bought and it depreciates when it requires less amount. You need to pay a price for everything and that’s what exchange rate is. It is the price paid to get the currency converter. Currency is more highly thought of when it appreciated and vice versa. Exchange rates vary with different currencies however the formula remains the same. Exchange rate of currency says A is calculated by dividing the number of units of the other currency by 1 unit of currency A.

A strong currency is not always required by a country, for instance if the currency in your country appreciates then the imported goods in that country will be cheaper and if the same country imports way more goods than they can export only then appreciated currency is advantageous but if the country has more exports then an appreciating currency is not what you need. There are few apps through which you can get currency exchanged but not all are reliable so before using them, get a fact check about the application.

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