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Importance of English in Modern Life

English is one of the most commonly spoken languages around the globe. Some sources suggest that more than 1.5 billion people speak it as a native language. Therefore, it is essential to learn the language for communication purposes. Besides this, English is a necessary language in modern life because of the following reasons:

International Presence

As covered earlier, English is a widely spoken language. It is also the most common second language in India and other countries. Sources suggest that the United States has 94.2 percent English speakers, and India has 10.35 percent English language communicators. 


The percentage is much higher in Pakistan, Nigeria, the United Kingdom, the Philippines, Germany, Bangladesh, Canada, Egypt, France, Italy, Ghana, Australia, Thailand, and South Africa. They have 49, 53, 97.74, 56.63, 64, 18, 85.63, 35, 39, 34, 66.67, 97.03, 27.16, and 31 percent English speakers, respectively.


English has initially been an Indo-European England language; however, through British Empire efforts in the United States, Australia, Canada, and India, it became the secondary and primary communication language.

Academic Growth

English is a prominent language across many established global universities. Students need to pass an IELTS or TOEFL exam to get admission into such institutions. The exam consists of writing, speaking, listening, and reading English skills. Candidates get graded in each section, and many sources state that Oxford English is considered during the tests. 


Besides this, India has many schools with English and Hindi. The former is considerably more established in the mindset of the people because it caters to both languages. However, academic books are in English. On the other hand, Hindi-medium schools have their textual content in Hindi. Qualifying from an English medium school also makes it easier to get into English medium colleges and universities in the country and around the world.


Students that want to pursue their research often require to pass the IELTS or TOEFL exam to get into a recognized international institution. They need it to communicate with coworkers, understand the rules and regulations, and carry on their daily lives.

Career Perspective

Nowadays, people take English language certifications from reputed institutions to add value to their resume. They attend classes to improve all aspects of their language and fit into office culture. Simultaneously, they can apply for growth opportunities within and outside the organization because of their language knowledge.


Most reputable institutions that provide courses often give a certification to the attendees. It comes in handy during an interview. The interviewers prioritize such candidates over others because they understand that they have relevant knowledge of the job and the language. 


At times, organizations require candidates who grasp the English language, job profile, and the employer's requirements. An English language certification from a reputable institution also showcases the ease of adjustment in a new environment. Such candidates become rising stars in the corporations and attain their life goals without any hesitation. 

Domestic Requirement

As already stated earlier, English is a significant language in India. Therefore, it is not limited to schools, universities, colleges, and offices. Housewives also apply for English language online courses to learn the language. It helps them to communicate better with native English and newly arrived NRI residents. 


Furthermore, even housewives consider English as a more established communication language and help their children to learn the same besides their native tongue. They even prefer sending their kids to English medium schools over others to choose from while deciding on their future goals as they grow older.


Besides this, children also attain knowledge about their native and English language folklores, stories, traditions, societies, etc. They learn it through storytelling, nursery rhymes, spoken english classes for kids, and many other ways. Additionally, housewives increase their knowledge with access to more social sites in English. Many times, they make global friends, and those running a business from home attain international clients.

Travel Purposes

English is either a secondary or primary spoken language across most nations. Therefore, citizens from India or any other country can travel and communicate with the native residents in the said language. It makes communication easier across borders. 


Learning English as a second language also reduces the expense of hiring a translator while traveling across countries. Moreover, it is a high priority for business owners to travel and import or export business, as traders or agents may speak in English. Therefore, it would help to build a better relationship with native English speakers. Also, while traveling, one can never be at a disadvantage if they know the native tongue. It also helps to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications with the people.


Conclusively, English is essential in modern life because it can open doors to job opportunities, travel, international business, career, academic growth, and fulfilling domestic requirements. Furthermore, the global presence of the language makes it unavoidable to learn.

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