Importance Of Getting Car Battery Checkup Service During Lockdown In Bangalore


A car is something that changes your lifestyle and gives you the freedom to go anywhere at any time. A car makes your life easier. Most people spend most of their money buying a car. Proper maintenance of the car is very important as it saves your life and the lives of your family members while driving on the road. Your car is in the home garage without any maintenance during today's lockdown. Is not it? Do you live in Bangalore? Bangalore is a vast area where more than 84.5 lakhs vehicles are moving on the roads every day. For this reason, there are many car repair centres in Bangalore. However, no one can leave the house by car during the lockdown. In that case, if your car is not maintained or started daily, the battery will slowly get damaged. Don't worry, during this lockdown, you will easily get car servicing at home in Bangalore through a reputed service provider.

Why do you need a car battery check-up?

You have to keep in mind that the car battery may be small but it provides huge power. The battery is the soul and heart of your car. With a dead battery of your car, you can't go anywhere safely. On average, a battery lasts 3 to 5 years, but bad driving habits, cheap car accessories and exposure to extreme elements can shorten your car's battery life.

When does battery maintenance need?

The car battery provides the electrical wave needed to get all the electrical components to start in your car. Your car will not be able to move without power supply. You need to check for signs of erosion in or around the battery, power, signs of leaks, a cracked case or top, missing caps, and loose or missing hold-down clamps. With the help of pitstop car service in Bangalore, you will get the hassle-free battery maintenance facility.

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What battery service will you get at home?

·         Visual Inspection- Since battery maintenance should always start with a spectacular inspection; you need an authentic and reputable service provider for your car. The car servicing at home in Bangalore offers the best service with 100% satisfaction. A quality visual inspection can catch serious defects such as engine or battery problems.

·         Checking electrolyte level- In vent cap batteries, the electronic level can be tested by removing the caps. The electrolyte should be with the fill ring. Some car batteries have a filled ring that indicates the electrolyte level. The electrolyte acts as a catalyst to make the battery conductive. It is very important to check the electrolyte level routinely through a qualified mechanic.

·         Battery and terminals cleaning- The battery must be kept clean and charged. It is necessary because sometimes battery is leaking acid. If the top of the battery is dirty, it should be cleaned using a stiff brush and it should be washed with a mixture of baking soda and water.

·         Battery replacement- The battery saves a lot of power and if it cannot hold that power properly, it can damage the charging system or starter. So, after a certain time, it should need to change. The pitstop car service in Bangalore gives you a genuine battery with warranty.

It is not possible to find an authentic car service provider at your home anytime. Now you can easily get the best car service online app at an affordable price. So don’t worry, check your car’s battery with Pit Stop that will give you best quality, trust and protection.