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The Importance of Motion Graphics and How to Utilise them across your business

As a business owner, it’s important to establish a strong online presence in order to engage your audience and increase brand visibility. One effective way to do that is by creating high-quality content that captivates and grabs viewer’s attention. With attention spans shorter than ever, standing out from the crowd has never been more important. One way you can do this is working with a motion graphics studio and utilising their expertise to create motion graphic content.

Video content has grown exponentially over the last few years and it’s still increasing with over 80% of internet traffic coming from video. Videos have proven themselves to be a vital tool for any marketing campaign and by incorporating motion graphics into your videos, you can create visually striking content that will set your brand apart and boost engagement.

What is motion graphic design?

Motion graphic design is a method of visual storytelling that combines graphic design, animation, and sound to create dynamic and engaging video content. It usually includes elements such as moving image, illustration, typography, and special effects to convey ideas in an interactive and appealing way.

A motion graphic designer is able to use their craft to communicate information in a dynamic way that can quickly grab the viewer’s attention and keep them engaged for longer. The great thing about motion graphics is that they can be used for a variety of video content, from explainer videos and infographics to product demonstrations and title sequences, the possibilities are endless with motion graphics.

Why should my business use motion graphics?

Motion graphic design offers your business the ability to combine different forms of media to create a more immersive and engaging experience for viewers. This allows you to effectively communicate your ideas and products to potential customers in a more impactful way than text or static images.

Motion graphic design also offers you the advantage of being able to showcase your product or service in action, allowing prospective customers to see it in use and understand how it can benefit them. They can also provide answers to commonly asked questions, which can build trust and credibility with potential customers and ultimately drive sales.

What type of motion graphics can I use for my business?

There are plenty of motion graphic types you can use for your business, which ones you go for depend on your marketing goals and target audience. Below are some examples that you may consider:

Product Explainer Video

Product explainer videos are a great way for your business to break down complex information and ideas in a simple and digestible way. They can explain your product in-detail and highlight its unique set of benefits and features.

Explainer videos can be created in different styles, from 2D and 3D animation, live-action, whiteboard animation and more and can be used as part of a larger marketing strategy, such as on a landing page, product page, social media or in email marketing to help drive conversions and sales.

Customer Testimonial Video

Customer testimonial videos that incorporate motion graphics can be an effective way to showcase the experiences and positive feedback of your customers. The video can feature real customers talking about their experiences with your product or service, with motion graphics used to enhance the visual appeal and help to convey key points.

When you use customer testimonial videos in your marketing, you help to build credible relationships with potential customers, and this makes them more likely to make a purchase decision.

Company story video

A company story video can be an effective way to tell the story of your brand and help potential customers understand what sets you apart from the competition. Motion graphics can help to add visual interest and reinforce key points in your company story video. For example, you may use animations to illustrate the history of your company or create a series of illustrations that explain your missions and values. This helps to evoke emotion in your consumers and can make them want to purchase from you.

Animated Social Media Ads

Animated social media ads that use motion graphics can be a highly effective way to grab viewer’s attention and convey your message in a light-hearted, engaging way. They make adverts more interesting and engaging to watch, which increases the chance of your target audience engaging and interacting with it.

Should my business use motion graphic design?

While live action videos are great, videos that utilise motion graphic design can help to improve your overall business goals – from converting leads into sales through to boosting SEO, motion graphic design could just be what your business needs.

When you add motion graphics to your marketing plans, you can engage a wider audience and become more relevant in an otherwise overcrowded space. If you’re captivated by the thought of motion graphics, why not speak to a motion graphic design agency? They can help to determine how best to use motion graphics throughout your campaigns and help you make your marketing goals a reality.

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